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The White Cliffs The White Cliffs is a long poem which expresses completely and beautifully what many Americans felt about England in her dark hour The story is concerned with a young American girl of good Yankee stock, who marries an Englishman, loses him in the Great war, bears his son, and finds herself facing, with her indomitable mother in low, the new perilThe White Cliffs starts as a charming and even at times an amusing poem, gathering emotional power as it goes on till it comes to a moving and splendid end A book for those whose beliefs are now lukewarm It is, wrote Mr R J Cruikshank recently in The Star a promise that the literature which we English speaking people share in common is beginning to give utterance to this grand theme of union The poem has been widely popular in America Lynn Fontanne, the famous American actress, twice read it in serial form on the radio, and it was one of the last books read by Lord Lothian, while Mr William Lyon Phelps commented Not only a very beautiful poem, but a wonderful stody of the English It has now been twice successfully broadcast by the BBC

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    The review below was from 2016 but I decided to read The White Cliffs poem again after listening to Fibber McGee and Molly, February 3, 1942 and the song The White Cliffs of Dover was playing I thought I had this Kindle edition but I could not find it so I read in my Alice Duer Miller Poems edition I wonder a

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    So far the most beautiful collection of words I have had the fortune to come across.

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    So much was packed into this book.

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    This is a small novella completely in verse that I have had since I was in the a production of EXIT THE BODY My character in that show mentions that she is reading this, and I bought it to read it, but never got around to itthough I did read the summary somewhere on the internet so I knew what the heck I was pretending to r

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    Very readable book of poetry, describing the thoughts and life of a young American woman who arrives in England just before the first world war Like a lot people who leave home she discovers that she is torn because does not quite fit into either country entirely once she has been away for a while.

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    I m not a poetry connoisseur but I thought this flowed very nicely It s a story of love and loss told in rhyme which was very different to anything I ve read before The only thing I felt let it down was that, for me, it didn t express the feelings of first love too deeply or the loss at all It just seemed to brush over the latter.

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    A very short and easy to read verse novella Unlike a reviewer below, I didn t think the entire poem was doggerel there are various forms in the complete poem, somesimple than others But it is in a sense a propaganda piece, so it is sensible, I think, that the beginning of the poem should have the kind of rhymes and rhythms that would draw

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    I first read White Cliffs as a Senior in High School I Absolutely LOVED it I stayed after school for several afternoons and typed me a copy of this wonderful story That was 55 years ago I Still have my typed copy I take it out of the yellowed see thru jacket cover and re read it over and over again.In later years, I purchased the book I was so

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    I picked this book up at The Book Thing in Balti as a teenager, drawn to it by the title and description, for I am most incurably an Anglophile It languished on my shelf of poetry nearly a decade until today when I ran across it again What a lovely little book The White Cliffs is a story told through a collection of poems of Sue, a young Yankee wom

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    Read this by accident and loved it so damn much I bought the book at a secondhand store, and knew nothing about it I collect old books, so I bought it It had been on my shelf for a while, right near my bed.Feeling under the weather and not wanting to move much, yet wanting to read, I look up and see it It wasn t what I was currently reading, but it was

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