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The Wing Shop After three wild adventures, Matthew likes his new home best I loved the illustrations, and the message It s a quick fantasy that leads our main dude into adventure, and the realization that people areimportant than places Super sweet. Fun story, but I thought the ending was lacking. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The illustrations are lovely, and the story starts out cute, but I think the ending is sort of strange I m not sure why the boy s family moved as he was trying out various wings. CURRICULUM RR Classics Beautiful pages with a beautiful story Great for kids who have moved to a new home, or have experienced a major change in their life.

About the Author: Elvira Woodruff

Well known for her popular children s stories, author Elvira Woodruff had a long route to becoming a writer In fact, one of her first jobs after leaving college was driving an ice cream truck She has also worked as a receptionist, a janitor, a window dresser, a gardener, a shop owner, an assistant librarian, a waitress, and a storyteller After working for several years in the children s room of a library, Woodruff began writing professionally at the age of 35, and hasn t stopped since.Elvira Woodruff has always had a great imagination She recalls, my father was a truck driver and I would love to sit in his truck and imagine all the places he d been I d sit behind the wheel, my head barely reaching the steering wheel and pretend that I was on the open road, off on some grand adventure to faraway places like Long Island, or Jersey City Today, Woodruff believes that what you have to do as a writer is to feel, look, and listen Your stories then become a celebration of those observations And, most important, a writer needs to fall in love I m constantly falling in love with colors, with flowers, with wings, with bubbles, with mud, with goofy baby smiles When you re writing under the influence of love, there s a power that will weave your words into magic Born and raised in New Jersey, Elvira Woodruff has also lived in Boston, Massachusetts She has two sons, Noah and Jess When she isn t writing, Woodruff likes gardening especially with blue flowers and enjoys traveling One year I fell in love with Leonardo daVinci and flew to Italy where I rented a car and traced his footsteps from Vinci to Florence and Milan She also spends a lot of her time visiting schools and libraries, sharing her ideas about writing with children.Elvira Woodruff s book, Dear Napoleon, I Know You re Dead, But., is a clever and funny story about a boy who writes a letter to Napoleon Bonaparte for a class project, and receives a surprising reply It has been included in numerous child voted state award programs, including the Mark Twain Book Award program Missouri , the Sequoyah Children s Book Award program Oklahoma , and the West Virginia Children s Book Award program.

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