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The Wrath Of Athena: Gods And Men In The Odyssey Available In Paperback For The First Time, Jenny Strauss Clay S Landmark Study Of The Odyssey Argues That Athena S Wrath Is Central To Both The Structure And The Theme Of The Epic Poem Clay Demonstrates That An Appreciation Of The Thematic Role Of Athena S Anger Elucidates The Poem S Complex Narrative Organization And Its Conception Of The Hierarchical Relations Between Gods And Men This Edition Includes A New Introduction By The Author

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    Quite simply, this book is my favorite critical analysis of Homer s The Odyssey In her commentary, Jenny Strauss Clay uncovers and discusses much of the brilliant wordplay, history, and deep motivations of the poem I find myself returning again and again to these pages, always awed by Clay s knowledge.

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    The author once wrote, in a letter on the New York Times editorial page, I am not a Straussian, but, like Leo Strauss, I am spending my adult life teaching Plato at the University of Chicago How has the Classics Political Philosophy world failed to get hip to this That the daughter of Leo Strauss has written such a profoundly Platonic analysis of Homer s Odyssey Teachers of Plato s political philosop

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