This Is Your Life, Bhodi Li Epub Û Your Life, ePUB

This Is Your Life, Bhodi Li On Earth, Photon is a game and Christopher Jarvis is one of its best players wielding his laser gun with high scoring precision and razor sharp skillBut in space, Photon is for real and Christopher Jarvis becomes Bhodi Li Photon Warrior the newest recruit in the elite fighting corp Their mission to stop the dark Warlord of Arr in his savage conquest of the universeThis Is Your Life, Bhodi LiHas everyone gone crazy Suddenly Bhodi Li wakes up to find that nobody knows anything of his life as a Photon Warrior Even his beautiful friend and Photon comrade Tivia denies any knowledge of Photon Warriors, Evil Warlords, or dark warriors Has the whole world gone crazy or just Bhodi Li

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