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Tibby Tried It This is Tibby Tree Swallow Most tree swallows fly very high and fast, soaring and dipping and catching insects in the air for their food But Tibby can t fly, because he was born with a crooked wing Sometimes Tibby felt lonely because the other birds didn t talk to him, so he stayed close to home in the hollow of an old oak tree One day when Mama Tree Swallow saw the sad look on Tibby s face, she quietly called to him, Please come in, Tibby, I have something give youIn this inspiring story about coping with a physical disability, Tibby is a bird with a broken wing who will never be able to fly Undaunted, Tibby cheerfully travels around the forest, where he meets a variety of animals who teach him how to climb, slither, and hop Soon Tibby uses his newfound abilities to become a hero This tale about empowerment, tolerance, and individual differences will inspire children of any age . This is a nice story about making the best out of a broken wing Tibby doesn t let the other birds get him down even though he can t fly He is a hero at the end, crooked wing and all. read for my diverse children s literature class

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