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Tikim: Essays on Philippine Food and Culture FROM THE BOOK What s CookingThe old and the new The provincial and the pop The slow and the fast The past, the present, the future That s what s cooking in Philippine cuisine Which means that, as the most popular people created, people processed and people consumed segment of popular culture, it is dynamic and changing, living and lively Writing about Food When one describes food, one does not use words alone, but the readers remembering as well of past pleasures, savored sensations One writes on and with the readers palates, alluding to food tasted as children, drawing on their reservoirs of pleasure In effect, one draws on all of the culture that shaped oneself and one s readers On Mangoes we wager that the mango memories of many a Filipino still revolve around the fruit ripening to fragrance in Maytime around fat golden halves dripping their juice on glistening suman in Antipolo around mangoes peeled whole with the hands on farms and at fiestasto drip on chin and clothes around mangoes chilled in river water rather than in refrigerators, while the feasters to be swim in the rivers of childhood around mangoes sweet because stolen from consenting uncles or neighbors around the fruit not as commercial product, but as pledge of time and season and memory

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    I think because this book is a collection of essays and columns written over long periods of time and published in many different places, this makes the book as a whole a little redundant Still, it s the most comprehensive and historical body of work I have read on Filipino foodways, and that also turns a pretty good critical eye towards colonialism, gender

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    One of the most comprehensive overviews on Filipino culture, via the palate, that I have ever read Love this book You can savor it in chapters or devour it at one sitting, but there s lots of food for thought

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    Tikim was first published in 1994, and it was a hit, and became a mainstay in bookshelves and school libraries for years But since the late 2010s, the demand for local books is dwindling and the Filipino book industry is forcing publishing houses to release fewer serious material in lieu of Wattpad novels and vanity projects ghost written by celebrities and influence

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    This book is HARD TO FIND It s out of print and the going rate for used copies online seems to be about 200 I was luckily able to get it on inter library loan.The volume is basically a collection of magazine columns that Fernandez wrote, I think mostly during the 1980s, with a couple ofacademic articles mixed in Like any collection based work, it has its higher and lower

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    I only read this because I was curious to know the histories behind Philippine cuisine, and how different things were back in the 90 s, but this book changed my perspective on Philippine Cuisine completely Throughout my life, I ve always questioned what qualified as authentic Filipino cuisine since almost everything we ate was adapted from various cultures I was also the type

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    I didn t truly read this I skimmed everything, trying to find something that would hold my attention past the first couple of pages, but it just wasn t for me Unlike Sarap Essays On Philippine Food, nothing peaked my interest Another Goodreads reviewer made a good point about how the book can be redundant maybe reading Sarap right before this book wasn t a good idea if it would mak

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    I m glad that Anvil Publishing reprinted the book I ve been longing to read this work and now I understand why this became a food literature classic I love how Filipino cuisine and culture are intermingled to one another as they should be in every essay.

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    Nice book, very clear content

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    Classic read A must for anyone who loves Philippine cuisine.

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    The sinigangs and the adobo have several variants in the whole archipelago but it taste delicious still.

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