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Tithe Welcome To The Realm Of Very Scary Faeries Sixteen Year Old Kaye Is A Modern Nomad Fierce And Independent, She Travels From City To City With Her Mother S Rock Band Until An Ominous Attack Forces Kaye Back To Her Childhood Home There, Amid The Industrial, Blue Collar New Jersey Backdrop, Kaye Soon Finds Herself An Unwilling Pawn In An Ancient Power Struggle Between Two Rival Faerie Kingdoms A Struggle That Could Very Well Mean Her Death

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    If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that brought it back. This is one of those rare few books that really shows me why we need a 3 1 2 star rating, and I don t like to give 1 2 stars This was

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    DNF just not for me lol

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    Read 4 probablyStarted on June 4, 2019Finished on June 5, 2019If you would help me, draw this arrow His eyes narrowed, and he shook his head If not, then push it in as deep as you can and hope it kills meStill a hoe for Kaye and Roiben

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    Tithe is a very raw, very dark faerie tale While not suitable for younger readers lots of swearing, random torture and violence, and mature themes , I loved its take on the darker side of faerie It deals with faerie themes like Changelings and t

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    I was not expecting to be blown away by this and gosh am I so glad I kept my expectations low The main reason I read these books is because I absolutely loved The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King And since I don t know what to do with myself while I wait

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    Ugh I don t know where to start with this one so I m gonna jump right in I didn t like it It was all just a raging bunch of WTF for me I mean, it was random My brain hurts so this isn t going to be a very coherent review.Before I go to my detailed ravings, it s bes

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    Holly Black s writing was my first introduction to fae fiction as a kid, I was obsessed with all sorts of fae mythology, but typically was limited to nonfiction until the first time I saw Tithe on the new shelf at my library I must have checked this book out and reread it fo

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    1 5 There s no way I m going to write an entire review for this Nope I m just proud I managed to skim and not give up entirely that s an achievement on its own.Let me sum this book up for you Imagine a story filled with only unlikeable trashy characters there wasn t a single person or

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    Kaye is obviously incredibly lovely and then it turns out she s a magical fairy Sure her life is hard, but it s the fairies making it that way because she s so important that they re all out to get her Look, what I m saying is, it s like the author tried to think of all the coolest latest trend

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