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Today's Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic? Differences between much of today s preaching and that of Jesus are not petty they are enormous This powerfully written book has a message which goes to the heart of the contemporary problem in a way that conferences and commissions on evangelism have failed to do Its expository approach is particularly valuable

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    Chantry s blistering assault on easy believism sometimes runs to frightening overstatements.

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    Though perhaps a little cranky at times, this brief treatment of evangelistic preaching drawn primarily from Christ s encounter with the rich young ruler in Mark 10 is superb Directly confronting the tepid and compromised message of twentieth century parachurch evangelicalism unity at the cost of truth , Chantry puts forward a thoroughly biblical ev

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    In the midst of the 1970s when Evangelical agencies were exploding in effort, Chantry writes this extended exhortation to remember Jesus Christ s interaction with the rich young ruler in Mark 10 Chantry is rubbing against the salesmanship mindset of the gospel, which still shows it s face today, honestly The claim is that even past the 4 step method of ev

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    This book was given to me by a friend and has been very impacting to read This book urges the reader to search within themselves and ask the hard question am I truly saved.We ve been taught that a simple prayer in church is all that is required which can almost lead to making the decision and living out our faith on our terms This is a frank and straight forwar

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    This is an excellent argument against many twentieth century evangelistic techniques that would get results by compromising the gospel He examines Jesus conversation with the Rich Young Ruler to evaluate the true means of presenting the gospel My only critique of this book is that he might be painting with too large of a brush, but overall a very helpful and convicti

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    This was a book that was given to each of our church s small group leaders since we are doing a study on evangelism this year in our small groups Short book that gets to the point that the message often heard of easy believism is not gospel and distracts people from a gospel of repentance Recommended for church leaders.

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    Today s GospelWalter ChantryTo date this book continues to influence the way I talk to people about the Lord and what I specifically say It cuts to the heart of how poorly I viewed what Christ did and how I spoke about the Gospel It was as if Rev Chantry was speaking to me I enjoyed the learning of the major and slight flaws we make when telling others about Christ His book made me re

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    I first read this bookthan 30 years ago and recently re discovered it This book has been a major force in how I have lived my life.Mr Chantry gives one of the most compelling discussions of the rich young ruler story, found in Mark 10, that I have seen He boldly proclaims what is wrong with the way the gospel is presented today and comparess that to the way Christ and the apostles presented

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    Walter Chantry can make a metaphor sizzle Further, his writing is biblical This book was basically an exposition of Jesus s encounter with the Rich Young Ruler Chantry casts that passage as an evangelistic encounter and casts Jesus as the Master Evangelist According to modern evangelistic methods, didn t Jesus fail Wasn t the rich young ruler the evangelist s dream He walked up to a master missio

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