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Toxic Game (GhostWalkers, #15) Great book, great read, really enjoyed these two, and near the ending was something interesting, and I can t wait to see how it s going to play out in future books Fifteenth in the GhostWalker paranormal romantic suspense series and revolving around the Louisiana team of GhostWalkers The couple focus is on Dr Draden Freeman and Shylah Cosmos struggling to survive in Sumatra, Indonesia.My TakeI loved that start, lol What can I say, I m a sucker for the too competent spec ops type laughter , especially when they make such an impression The Air Force pararescue team didn t seem affected by anything as mundane as the heat or terrorists The crazy thing was, they were mostly officers Doctors These men had seen combat and looked as tough as nails giving off a dangerous vibe This is one of Feehan s better stories after that string of jokes she s done , but I do have three niggles the repetitiveness was so annoying that weird paragraph about Draden and dragons that wasn t inserted very well and, I do wish Feehan had been explicit about the GhostWalkers belief that Whitney had engineered the whole thing I was confused When I m reading, I don t want to have to stop and try to puzzle out what the author is saying.Feehan uses a third person dual point of view from the perspectives of Draden and Shylah, which is the primary source of all the repetitionoy I know I like it when an author reminds us of events, issues, and pertinent details from past stories in a series, but there is such a thing as OVERkill.I do love that these two are partn KINDLE Toxic Game GhostWalkers, 15 Christine Feehan Capitalsoftworks.co.uk On A Rescue Mission In The Heart Of The Indonesian Jungle, Dr Draden Freeman And His GhostWalker Team Need To Extract The Wounded As Quickly As Possible Or Risk Spreading A Deadly Virus Unleashed By A Terrorist Cell When Draden Gets Infected, He Forces His Team To Leave Him Behind He Won T Risk Exposing Anyone Else He Intends To Find The Ones Responsible And Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory.Shylah Cosmos S Mission Is To Track The Virus And Remain Unseen Her Enhanced Senses Tell Her That The Gorgeous Man Eradicating The Terrorists One By One Is A GhostWalker And His Lethal Precision Takes Her Breath Away When He S Hit By A Lucky Shot, She Can T Stop Herself From Stepping In, Not Knowing That By Saving His Life She S Exposed Herself To The Virus.There S No Telling How Much Time Draden And Shylah Have Left Racing To Find A Cure, They Quickly Realize That They Ve Found Their Perfect Partner Just In Time To Lose Everything But Even As The Virus Threatens To Consume Their Bodies, They Ve Never Felt Alive. Dr Draden Freeman is on a mission to stop a terrorist group when he is infected with a deadly weaponized virus Knowing there is little chance of survival, Draden decides to take out the terrorist camp While he is taking out the terrorist camp he gains the notice of someone else on a mission, Shylah Peonies.Shylah was sent to take out the doctors that are creating biological weapons when she discovers what has to be one of Whitney s Ghostwalkers She is drawn by him and his beauty as he slaughters his way undetected through the terrorist camp Well, mostly undetected, until an alarm is raised and Draden is injured Shylah has to decide whether to keep to her mission or rescue Draden She choice is rescue and inadvertently exposing herself to the biological weapon I enjoyed Draden and Shylah story I loved how Draden went out of his way to do everything he could to make Shylah happy I did wish there was of reunion between Shylah and her sisters and less repetition on certain plot points Great urban fantasy read and even though I ve enjoy all of Feehan s series,.Ghost Walkers has become my favorite in her works.Toxic Game is a great love story In a time is the essence scenario, there is little relationship development but the commitment comes across as real When faced with your own mortality, even if you knew your life would bring it sooner than later, and the sooner happens when you meet the one who made life worth living what would you do Christine Feehan does an amazing job showing us how Draden Freeman and Shylah Cosmos deal with this This book from the first chapter had me by the heart and my emotions invested in the outcome From heart pounding to heart stopping and every heart phrase you can think of this book covers it all Nothing to lose has these characters open to feelings and sharing life events they would normally hide Communication is key and recognizing the things, no matter how small, that hold importance is key to knowing each other They re open to love, to accepting what they mean to each other, what others in their lives mean to them, and realize they mean something to those they have come to consider family Also determined to save anyone else from their fate, they hunt down the enemy while the GhostWalker pararescue Team fight to save them and vast populations in a science fiction plot woven with true science plausibility that had me on edge Primary and secondary protagonists you love, hope for Wonderfully written scenes that show how friendship can be as strong as family bonds An This is how I dream a relationship should be direct brutal honesty and humor Save me from a romance where the drama comes from misunderstandings between the main characters I always want to knock some sense into those characters Draden and Shylah I Christine Feehan is one of my all time favorite authors Her recent books have been some of my favorites, but TOXIC GAME didn t work for me This is the 15th book in the GhostWalkers series, but the third book in what has been a mini series arc following one of the GhostWalker teams GhostWalkers are men and women with enhanced genes to make them better, stronger, faster, smarter than regular people.Shylah and Draden meet tracking a deadly hemorrhaging virus along the same lines as Ebola While following the virus, they both become infected and only have days to live while they re kept in isolation in the jungle Now, if you ve read CF s books before, you know that she can make almost anything sexy Unfortunately, she couldn t make two characters dying from an awful disease in a swampy jungle sexy Nothing about rashes and illness speaks of romance to me, and since this was the slowest burn Feehan novel I ve ever read, I have to think it wasn t sexy for Shylah or Draden either.Ms Feehan was quoted saying this was her most romantic novel ever, and I would have to agree in some ways The connection and laughter between the main characters kept me from giving this book a lower rating Shylah was fun and funny which matched Draden s personal This new novel in the GhostWalkers series was high octane danger and heart melting romance Once again this group of extraordinary men and women smart, strong and incredibly gifted banded together to protect their own Draden and Shylah met under the most intense, stressful, dangerous circumstances How they handled themselves with such composure and grit is a testament to their harsh upbringing and life history Instead of folding under the pressure of an uncertain future, they just kept doing what needed to be done And found love along the way I kept wondering how that could be possible How could they think about anything but the death knell they were under Physically weakening, mentally tested, they were still able to laugh and think about what could be How they accomplished that was as unique as they were themselves Living under a death notice was nothing new to Shylah and Draden also never expected a lot out of life for himself I loved how they were with each other, their discussions and dialogue had me smiling through my own worry about how things would play out.If I had one negative about this author s recent work is how explanations and detailed were repeated unnecessarily I did not find that here at all Instead, the 4.75 stars.I love this series Usually, once it published I binge immediately.But I kind of reluctant to start this one when I realised where this story location happened.You see, many authors love to write bad stuff of places or people which they don t familiar with, well Hollywood love that stuff too However, I can see Ms Feehan worked very hard with her research department to give us as accurate as possible how to portray the locals life and what the part of this Island looks like Especially the way she wrote about the weather, it was really hot and Latest installment in the GhostWalker series two GhostWalkers, Draden and Shylah, stuck in enemy territory and both of them infected with a lethal virus How to get out of that impossible situation without succumbing to a horrible death The GhostWalkers are soldiers whose DNAs have been altered, making them stronger, faster absolutely lethal The mad scientist, Whitney, who made them that way without their consent is hell bent on using them, supposedly for the good of the country and he sees them as weapons instead of human beings Yeah, you can t rationalize crazy He has no qualms about manipulating them to get what he wants I really, really hope he gets his comeuppance soon Despite his machiavellic machinations, the GhostWalkers rallied together and the set up a code to live by.When Draden got infected during his latest mission, he did the right thing, the honorable thing a scene that was poignant with the impact of his decision and in doing so, he condemned himself to a vicious death He was resigned to dying alone, resigned to how horrific his last momen

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