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True Love's Fire: A Red Hot Valentine Story Continuing the Hell Yeah Series with book While vacationing at a cabin in the Ozarks, Scott Walker Austin neurobiologist, gets snowed in and has to be rescued by local, Lia Houston She brings him food, helps him fix his heat and tries to get his car on the road A monster storm has paralyzed the mountain and as she s trying to chain his car to her truck, a huge ice covered limb falls, crushing the front of her pick up and almost flattening Scott If she hadn t moved fast, he d be a memory but the brave action on her part comes with a price, she s injured and stuck with Mr Know It All until the weather abates Scott doesn t believe in love, much less love at First Sight So when he meets Lia, he welcomes the attraction, but fights the tenderness with every breath in his body Join Sable Hunter as she chronicles their journey from lust to love with a lot of fireworks in between They meet at the dawn of the New Year, and by Valentine s Day the fires of True Love are burning bright Content Warning Contains explicit scenes, details and language Intended forAudience

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    True Love s Fire is the story of Lia and Scott.A sweet Valentines day romance, this one has a songwriter falling in love with a neurosurgeon when they accidentally get stranded in a cabin together, with her dog Elvis This book has minimal angst, lots of sweet moments and lovemaking, and I really enjoyed how they shared their past with each oth

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    I fell in love with Lia from page one, when a skinny little girl, with scraped up knees asks her mother what white trash means Lia grabbed my heart and held it throughout True Love s Fire My heart broke for Scott when the woman of his dreams threw his ring and his love back in his face, and I was very glad that Sable showed us this side of Scott, be

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    Another amazing story in the Hell Yeah seriesLia Houston is a songwriter who has had to endure a lifetime of bullying, but rises above it She s had her heart broken and will not let herself be taken advantage of again She is a strong woman who can take care of herself Then she meets Scott Walker Scott is a player After getting his heart broken years ago,

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    This a great story Scott and Lia both did not believe in love after both were hurt in a relationship They both were able to open their hearts to find love This was defiantly a hot, sexy read It will make you make you laugh and cry I will have to readof the Hell,Yeah series.

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    Sable Hunter does what she does best, onetime I absolutely loved this book I fell in love with Lia Houston, from the start, when she was a small girl, living with her mother and grandmother Even though now she is full grown and living on a lovely, peaceful mountain alone, she has never forgotten how her family was always misunderstood and labeled a certain way Although, he

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    I sincerely loved this book Lia is a songwriter who lives in the mountains in a small town in Arkansas Scott is a brain surgeon He is spending a week in the mountains and his current girlfriend had a fight with him and didn t go along He decides to go by himself He is driving during a big snow storm When he arrives he has no food and no power so he calls the number he has for th

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    A beautiful romance without a cliffhanger endingSince discovering Sable Hunter, I have truly become a fan of her work and this book was no different The characters truly come alive and the storyline is well thought out and moves along at a wonderful pace Even though she integrates some characters from her other books, you don t have to read those first to follow this story, however, i

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    Loved it This story covered almost every emotion for mankind I started out really not liking Scott He was superficial, egotistical and a playboythree strikes But then he had the audacity to turn out to be a God fearing, compassionate and empathetic person Imagine that, a doctor who cares I liked Lia s wit and humor from the start I love when a good girl gets rewarded with her prince 4.5 sta

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    Once again I am captivated by Sable Hunter s writing and expertise in telling a beautiful story I love how she just draws you right in and makes you feel like your there As always the story was full of humor, loved those quirky one liners that made me laugh out loud Had moments that brought a tear to my eye, and we can t forget those Hot, did I say Hot Passionate times too, yes plenty of those be

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