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Turbulence When Aman Sen Gets Off A Plane From London To Delhi He Discovers That He, And Everyone On His Flight, Now Has Extraordinary Abilities Corresponding To Their Innermost Desires Aman Wants To Heal The Planet But With Each Step He Takes, He Finds Helping Some Means Harming Others Will It All End, As Years Of Super Hero Fiction Suggest, In A Meaningless, Explosive Slugfest

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    Absurdly and gleefully enjoyable superhero comedy thriller This might be the greatest beach book of all time The Indian setting gives the author opportunity for a ton of sharp observations and satirical heft as well as making this distinct from the sa

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    Of late I seem to be rather adept at finding and reading lacklustre books Here is another one with a terribly disjointed storyline and droll attempts at humor.A review is beyond me for I cannot think up of anything to compensate the time spent trying to read th

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    Whether or not you will like this playful novel about Indian superheroes depends largely on how much you like its distinctive voice Here s the opening paragraphs In 1984, Group Captain Balwant Singh of the Indian Air Force s Western Air Command had dangled his then three

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    Let me begin by saying I have very mixed feelings about this book.First, the positives There are quite a few of them My favorite part is how Basu s writing cleverly inverts tropes and stereotypes, turning them upside down The language itself is evocative, without trying too hard,

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    I tried I really did Thrice Stopped at the second chapter on the first try Couldn t go past the 25% mark on my third try I give up.The story is about a bunch of people getting superpowers based on their heart s deepest desires, all because they happened to be on a certain British Airways fl

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    At the moment superheroes are hip and smart Films such as the rebooted The Amazing Spider Man due any time now as I type , Iron Man the third instalment now being filmed and The Dark Knight also the third incarnation of the Nolanverse Batman due this summer are all current The Avengers is one of the

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    Review originally posted by me onUK Turbulence is a book about super humans Now I m the kind of person who likes his super humans confined to comic books and movies, so from the idea of a superhero novel is foreign to me, as such reviewing one is equally foreign so I ll start from the beginning.As with many bo

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    An unlikely combination of engaging humour and a juvenile story.Mr Basu s writing is witty and humorous, and very refreshing to read It is really unique irreverent, sharp, and demonstrates an understanding of the melting pot that is contemporary India I really enjoyed the first few chapters Really did Till the story kic

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    Will it all end, as eighty years of superhero fiction suggest, in a meaningless, explosive slugfest Yes Yes it will.I like the idea of this book a non US centric take on the superhero myth, challenging the way the world is set up to work, etc And for the first couple of chapters, I hold out hope that it ll be a fun mashup of, sa

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    Although it was pretty good it didn t keep me engaged, I would often stop after half a chapter then start again I still wanted to finish it I just personally didn t find much excitement is this book.

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