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Undercover Cowboy Reading Undercover Cowboy Author Laura Scott Ivogue.co.uk RUNNING FROM THE MOB FBI Agent Logan Quail Puts His Life And Career In Jeopardy When He Blows His Cover To Save Kate Townsend From A Mafia Goon He Wasn T Able To Save His Fianc E From Bernardo Salvatore S Violent Syndicate, But This Time He Ll Make Sure That Kate Townsend Doesn T Get Herself Killed Trying To Prove Her Father Was Murdered Now Logan And Kate Must Work Together, Each Overcoming Their Separate Grief, To Bring Down A Ruthless Mob Boss And Maybe Find Some Peace Through The Healing Power Of Love

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10 thoughts on “Undercover Cowboy

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    So we met Logan and Kate back in Twin Perils and loved them then Now we get to read their story and how they bring down the bad guys at last, although there is an interesting twist at the end of the story Sometimes life just ...

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    What a twist at the end I didn t even see that coming and I read a lot of these books Good story

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    A total waste of time I have read A LOT of these books, and this was the first one which had product placement, not just once but twice In addition, either the writing or the editing was so bad, the result was laughter For example, Fortunately, the hole was low enough she did not have to bend o...

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    Once I started reading this novel, I remembered the characters from a previous book I liked the fact that Logan and Kate already knew each other, and the tension between them felt natural I appreciated Kate s independence and Logan s protective nature, but Kate s injury at the ...

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    Undercover Cowboy reviewUndercover Cowboy is an exciting romantic suspense book from the Love Inspired Suspense series written by author Laura Scott This is Logan and Kate s story They were introduced in Twin Peril.

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    Good book Kept me interested Will read Laura Scott again

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    Suspenseful from the start Kate Townsend has just completed her criminal justice degree and had planned to try out for the police academy until her father died a month ago She believes her father, a policeman, was murdered on his way to testify against mafia member, Dean Ravden The crash was labeled as Accidental Death Her mother died in her senior year of High School Kate has three brothers, all of which work in the police force The

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    FIB Agent Logan Quail, with a name that sounds like an upscale housing subdivision, puts his career on the line when he rescues the deeply stupid Kate Townsend from a mafia goon We know he s a goon because that s the only word the author uses to describe the various members of La Cosa Nostra She could have used capo , but that would have required a thesaurus.The reasons behind Kate s stupidity are varied, but primarily she is trying to prove

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    I ve never read a book by Laura Scott that I didn t like, so I couldn t wait to get my hands on her new release UNDERCOVER COWBOY I ve also read about Kate and Logan in TWIN PERIL, and was intrigued by this couple, so I was glad they got their own story And what a story it is Kate Townsend is determined to prove that her father s death was not accidental And she knows exactly who is responsible for it, even though nobody seems to believe her, not even

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    Running from the MobFBI agent Logan Quail puts his life and career in jeopardy when he blows his cover to save Kate Townsend from a mafia goon He wasn t able to save his fianc e from Bernardo Salvatore s violent syndicate, but this time he ll make sure that Kate Townsend doesn t get herself killed trying to prove her father was murdered Now Logan and Kate must work together, each overcoming their separate grief, to bring down a ruthless mob boss And maybe find

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