Understanding the Times: The Collision of Today's

Understanding the Times: The Collision of Today's Competing Worldviews Newly revised and updated with two worldviews surveyed Islam and Postmodernism This book is a landmark guide to understanding the ideas and forces that are shaping our times From Christianity to Islam to Humanism to Marxism to the New Age to Postmodernism, Understanding the Times provides Christians with a readable, comprehensive treatment of the most significant religious worldviews operating in Western CivilizationOver , copies of the st edition sold

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    A fantastic read for high school students so that they are prepared for what awaits them when they reach college.

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    Well researched and I would say I found this book interesting hence the 3 stars but Mr Noebel s bias and somewhat sanctimonious perspective is evident, particularly in his chapter summaries He makes huge leaps of logic with what appears to be an intent to create fear for example, he actually infers that secular humanists, are not opposed to ped

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    I mainly agree with this book and think there is alot of good information in it I did read the whole thing However, it is somewhat long and dry, and I think that is just too much effort for the prize of David Noebel s opinions If you really want to know something about philosophy and worldviews, go read original works and come to your own conclu

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    Understanding the Times by Dr David Noebel More than ever before, much of what we hear or read is hostile toward Christian values and beliefs, yet often times we are not aware of it.How can we determine which views and ideas are biblical and which aren t Which side should we take on an issue When it comes to addressing the latest problems of our

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    This book is amazing, it is so informative and gives a balanced view of six main worldviews, using lots of quotes from many of their founders or important advocates Some sections were easier to understand and remember than others Although someone who is not a Christian would probably find it preachy at times, and I occasionally thought Okay I know

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    An excellent text on the world of ideas and their consequences I got to spend a few days this summer listening to Dr Noebel and can say first hand that he thinks every claim through, is well research, well read, and a spectacular teacher Doc and his work is probably the most influential in the discussion of worldviews.

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    Every one should read this Most people don t understand what worldview they support with their choices and participation in society This book helps you see the world and your role in it clearly.

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    This is one of my favorites I go to it all the time to check the angle the news is taking these days Great book

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    Even better than the first edition with the added worldviews that are covered A must read to understand the worldviews of today.

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    AMAZINGLY INFORMATIVE I learned so much

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