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Vampires in the Lemon Grove Named a Best Book of the Year by The Boston GlobeO, The Oprah MagazineHuffington PostThe AV ClubA Washington Post Notable BookAn NPR Great Read of From the author of the novel Swamplandia a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize comes a magical and uniquely daring collection of stories that showcases the author s gifts at their inimitable best Within these pages, a community of girls held captive in a Japanese silk factory slowly transmute into human silkworms and plot revolution a group of boys stumble upon a mutilated scarecrow that bears an uncanny resemblance to a missing classmate that they used to torment a family s disastrous quest for land in the American West has grave consequences and in the marvelous title story, two vampires in a sun drenched lemon grove try to slake their thirst for blood and come to terms with their immortal relationship

About the Author: Karen Russell

Karen Russell graduated from Columbia University s MFA program in 2006 Her stories have been featured in The Best American Short Stories, Conjunctions, Granta, The New Yorker, Oxford American, and Zoetrope Her first book of short stories, St Lucy s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, was published in September 2006 In November 2009, she was named a National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 honoree In June 2010, she was named a New Yorker 20 Under 40 honoree Her first novel, Swamplandia , was published in February 2011.She lives in Washington Heights, New York.

10 thoughts on “Vampires in the Lemon Grove

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    Over hyped, over rated, did not live up to my expectations.Every one of the 8 very short stories in this collection has a wonderful premise vampires who thirst for something other than blood, team krill at the ice floe of Antarctica, women trapped in a Japanese factory, flocks of seagulls stealing the parts of our future we most need, dead presidents as stabled horses, etc And the language its

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    If I had to summarize this collection of short stories in a word it would be frustrating Karen Russell is clearly a very gifted writer and several of these short stories approach masterful, but here is the problem I don t think she knows how to finish a story Each one of these little gems is unique and unlike any other story in the book indeed, the style of the story varies wildly and wonderfully from

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    this collection only has eight stories in it compared to the ten in her last collection, so on one hand, i feel cross because i always wantfrom her, but on the other hand, the stories i liked, i liked a lot but i m greedy, and sometimes 8 is not enough but they are good, and i liked each storythan the one preceding it in fact, the only one i wasn t crazy about was the second story, reeling for the empire, which

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    Karen Russell seems to have jumped out of nowhere onto the mainstream literary scene with the publication of her first collection of stories

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    I was delighted by this collection of weird and wonderful stories Almost as sprightly as Murakami and sometimes leaning toward the flavor of Annie Proulx s gothic tall tales and encounters with supernatural in her collections on the American West In the title story an ancient married couple, who happen to be immortal vampires, live among the gentry immigrated to Sorrento in sunny Italy Magred and Clyde keep up a refined banter w

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    God damn it, Karen Russell She s just too good at this, guys, and it s driving me crazy No one should be able to do what Karen Russell does her particular brand of magical realism, where the supernatural and suburban America blend seamlessly, is like nothing I ve ever encountered before It just isn t fair that all that talent got concentrated in one person Vampires in the Lemon Grove is Russell s second collection of short stories in my

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    I had been looking forward to this book coming out, because I loved Karen Russell s first book of short stories,

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    Just couldn t get into this one The stories really struggled with narrative momentum The title story and the second story are both very good Then things wane.

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    I m not ordinarily a fan of the short story form but having read the first 2 stories in this collection, I am making an exception Karen Russell is wonderfully weird.TheI read, theamazed I am I ve read 7 of the stories now How a 30 year old woman can write this is beyond me.she must be an old soul, a brilliant old soul I keep thinking I ve just read my favorite story in the collection and then I read another one, and then I have new favorite.

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    This collection sees Karen Russell shift the balance between concept and narrative While she has always handled both deftly, she made a name for herself by creating fantastical and fabulist scenarios Those still remain, but the unreal elements of her stories seem subtler, serving to nudge the reader just outside of the possible, to let them see her deeply human narratives from a uniquely revealing angle That s because Russell is all about what s human, even if the human is

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