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Wanting Joycelyn Alpha Lennox Hall has been waiting for a shewolf to interest him When he meets Jocelyn he senses she is different His immediate attraction to her is completely one sided Her fear of the big bad alpha keeps Jocelyn from seeing his attraction to her She thinks his over protective attitude is because she s weak and doesn t want her to interact with his pack What happens when he makes his intentions known and warns her he s claiming her the day of the Alpha challenge, which happens to be the day she turns eighteen

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    Definitely one of the better stories I ve read on WattPad.Brooding, grunty, possessive alpha and a young innocent, slightly downtrodden heroine It was a nice change to read a story were mates are chosen and not fated The sex wasn t overly descriptive, but it was enough Maybe a little too many men after the heroine because she was different , but apart from that I enjoyed

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    Jocelyn does not know what she did to tick off Alpha Lennox Hall but now she has caught his attention However, Jocelyn couldn t bewrong, Lennox plans on claiming Jocelyn as his mate However, the wolf inside Lennox is demanding he take Jocelyn as his mate but he wants to wait until her birthday What neither of them know though is their are secrets about Jocelyn that are about t

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    I really enjoyed this story, and story wise it s a five star favorite of mine low angst with a possessive hero and likable heroine It is a story on Wattpad, so I don t expect it to be superbly edited, although it s better edited than some stories I ve read that are self published which I ve paid for I ve knocked off a star for a few inconsistencies with the details that bothered me

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    This is a free story on Wattpad My ratings for published and non published works are based differently.This was a pretty alright story A little rushed, a lot of background characters with little background some with great potential , decent writing and what not It s just not any different than any other wolf story out there though there wasn t any rogue wolves in it Kudos for that I don t s

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    One of a the great werewolf book on Wattpad

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    Honestly this book is amazing I love her writing

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    It is an Amazing Book Totally different from all the werewolf books very entertaining Couldn t keep it down It is an Amazing Book Totally different from all the werewolf books very entertaining Couldn t keep it down

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