War and Peace in Somalia: National Grievances, Local

War and Peace in Somalia: National Grievances, Local Conflict and Al-Shabaab For the last thirty years Somalia has experienced violence and upheaval Today, the international effort to help Somalis build a federal state and achieve stability is challenged by deep rooted grievances, local conflicts and a powerful insurgency led by Al ShabaabConsisting of forty four chapters by conflict resolution specialists and the world s leading experts on Somalia, this volume constitutes a unique compendium of insights into the insurgency and its impact War and Peace in Somalia explores the legacies of past violence, especially impunity, illegitimacy and exclusion, and the need for national reconciliation Drawing on decades of experience and months of field research, the contributors throw light on diverse forms of local conflict, its interrelated causes, and what can be done about it They share original research on the role of women, men and youth in the conflict, and present new insight into Al Shabaab particularly the group s multi dimensional strategy, the motivations of its fighters, their foreign links, and the prospects for engagementThis ground breaking volume illuminates the war in Somalia, and sets out what can and should be done to bring it to an end For policymakers and researchers covering Somalia, East Africa, extremism or conflict resolution, this is a must read

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