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Warriors for the Working Day A Young Britsh Enlistee Joins An Elite Ard Unit On The Eve Of The D Day Invasion

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    By focusing predominantly on the experiences of the five men who form the tank crew those very much at the sharp end of the fighting the author creates a vivid picture of the reality of living for much of the time in what the Germans referred to as Tommy cookers so called because of the Sherman tank s propensity to burst into flam

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    Based on Peter Elstob s personal experience of tank warfare, Warriors For The Working Day is a tale of fear and the horrors of war.It really captures the heat and aggression of a tank battle, mixed with the claustrophobia of being baked in a flammable tin can with a crew of men all battling their own demons, doubts and fear at the same time

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    This is a novel which took me surprise I was soon engrossed in the story of a group of young soldiers who enlisted midway through the Second World War and who fought their way through it The pace of the story is most surprising as it reflected the unrelenting pace of the war as events followed on and there was no time to stand back and reflect Amongs

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    Loosely based on the author s experiences during WWII, this book is an immersive account off what it was like to be at the sharp end during the liberation of Europe.

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