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We Were Witches We Were Witches Free Author Ariel Gore Bassgrotto.co.uk Spurred On By Nineties Family Values Campaigns And Determined To Better Herself Through Education, A Teen Mom Talks Her Way Into College Disgusted By An Overabundance Of Phallocratic Narratives And Freytag S Pyramid, She Turns To A Subcultural Canon Of Resistance And Failure Wryly Riffing On Feminist Literary Tropes, It Documents The Survival Of A Demonized Single Mother Figuring Things Out. Beautiful, clever, heartbreaking and emboldening Should be mandatory reading for all moms, queers, and Bay Area residentsespecially for those of us who straddle the middle of that Venn diagram. It s the center of the story told by Atlas of the Human Heart and the End of Eve It s magical realist, magick al, and real It s a woman sweeping out her own path, glorious and bright Read it Read them all.I find Ariel s narrative voice incredibly natural, yet affecting after I read her books and I read them repeatedly , my thoughts move differently When I finished this one, I made a rather fussy recipe, but as I did so, under the influence of this book, I felt I was working a spell Each of these tiny fragrant leaves of thyme is an appreciation of joy This mound of feathery grated Brussels sprouts is a wish for abundance The vio Honest, real, and full of magic A story of a single mother, a woman getting her education, a woman following the magic in a world with pandemic violence against women I am going to be recommending We Were Witches to everyone. I was wary of this book because it initially read like some of the disjointed experimental fiction sub memoir I tried to write in college, which automatically made me think it was going to be bad But, thankfully, Ariel Gore is a much, MUCH better writer than I, and I ended up devouring this largely in one sitting It feels particularly timely considering the reemergence of witchcraft into pop culture feminism and it being October witching month Gore s text is labeled a novel, and that is intentional she wants us to know that the idea of reality doesn t so much matter within the confines of this book Indeed, there are delightful moments of magical realism throughout We Were Witches is both symmetrical in its use of theme and symbolism, and asymmetrical it doesn t succumb to the rising and falling plot phallus that Gore references, but inst

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