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Rian Thompson Thought She Joined The Gym To Get Healthy Little Did She Know She Was About To Add Hundred And Ninety Pounds Of Swoonworthy Abdominal Muscles And Arrogance To Her Life.Every Day In Rians S Life Follows A Predictable Pattern, And She Wouldn T Have It Any Other Way She S Got A Nice Job, A Nice Place To Live, And A Nice Family Even If They Are A Little Wedding Zilla Ish At The Moment.She Doesn T Need Anything Spectacular To Be Happy She Just Needs To Get Healthy Mentally, Physically And Maybe Spiritually If That Happens But She Ll Settle For Two Out Of Three Until Her Sister Finally Gets Hitched.Carlos Davies Thought His Life Was Perfect Little Did He Know It Was About To Be Turned Upside Down By A Woman Who Is Not His Type.In Carlos S Mind, His Life Is Damn Near Perfect He S Got A Great Job, A Great Place To Live, And A Great Stash Of Pick Up Lines That Always Work It Has Occurred To Him That Maybe No One Actually Takes Him All That Seriously But With These Bulging Biceps And Thick, Dark Hair, Does That Even Matter Since He S Never Sleeping Alone Welcome To Weight Expectations, Where Great And Unexpected Things Happen. Weight Expectations (Cipher Office, #1)

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    OMG you guys we are officially FOUR WEEKS AWAY I can t wait

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    We are incredibly excited to announce the lovely and ultra fabulous M.E Carter s book for Smartypants Romance Weight Expectations is the first book in the Cipher Office Series, is a full length contemporary romantic comedy, and can be read as a standalone RELEASE DATE October 15th, 2019Add to your shelf on Goodreads This book will have no pre order and will release directly into Kindle Unlimite

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    CARLOS RIAN pronounced Ryan ARE AMAZING I am seriously in love with their story Rian is so wonderfully sarcastic I literally LOLed for most of the book I loved that I got to be part of her journey and see how she becomes comfortable in her skin Carlos was such an interesting character His growth from being a pompous ladies man to falling for Rian was great to see I loved their slow burn M.E did su

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    Check Out My Blog For More Reviews And Recommendations ARC provided by the publisher Social Butterfly PR , Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read the book My Body Is what it is and having extra Pounds doesn t mean I m any less Important than Jill in accounting, who has probably never had to diet in her life, and it certainly doesn t give him or anyone else the right to talk about it Th

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    I hate to be the jerk that leave a terrible review on an ARC, I really do so I preface this by saying that I had high hopes for this book The main character is morbidly obese and her love interest is a sexy Latino, this is right up my alley as a chubby latina, but this missed the mark in almost every way.First and foremost the pacing was terrible 35% into the book the MCs have met once at a dinner and i

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    Last year I fell hard into a Penny Reid shaped hole in rapid succession I read all of the Knitting in the City and Winston Brothers book On the whole, I absolutely loved them loved getting to know and care about two whole communities of people who were friend groups and also each finding love Occasionally a book was a miss for me but that doesn t stop me from continuing with the rest of the series.I was so

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    We re heading into Cipher Office territory and, BOY, am I enjoying our time there rubs hands together gleefully But before we get to that and all the fun, crazy people who populate that officeWe have Carlos and Rian Carlos initially comes across as a weeeeee bit shallow and arrogant Sure, he s pretty to look at and he s got a great workout ethic, but he s kind of judge y and he looks only at the surface Excep

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    Weight Expectations by M.E Carter is a fantastic read It s book one in her Cipher Office Series and tells Rian and Carlos s story I started reading and I had a kind of what moment Why does this author write in Penny Reid s Knitting in the City World Because Weight Expectations is part of the Smartypants Romance World, that s why Rian is new at a lokal gym She has to attend to better her health She s a strong her

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    3.5 StarsI am really grateful to have received this ARC in exchange for an honest review I have been loving the Smartypants Romance books but am sad to say this one wasn t totally for me This is my first ME Carter book and you can tell she s a really good writer I LOVED the heroine, Rian She was funny and real with a lot of depth I liked reading about her and her growth I also applaud ME Carter for creating a real

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    I started out really enjoying this book Rian is so funny and relatable I couldn t wait to read a romance about a romance heroine who is described as morbidly obese However, Carlos Carlos Carlos What the heck The hero is obsessed with his looks and with the gym and barely notices Rian Then all of a sudden he realizes that she is funny and likes her It didn t seem plausible to me So many things just didn t make sense an

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