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What if God Comes We are currently living in the most exciting time this world has ever seen All over the world, reports of healings, miracles, salvations, changed lives, and transformed cities have exceeded those previously witnessed in all of the past decades of the th Century combined God is pouring out His Spirit on His temple, His church His desire is to flood the earth with an overwhelming river of His presence And as the river overflows, the earth will indeed be filled with the knowledge of the glory of our God HabakkukThe fulfillment of this prophetic promise is beginning to take place God desires to cover the earth with His glory, so much so that His Spirit has begun to move powerfully in churches around the world One such church is Church So Blessed, pastored by author,Hiram Pangilinan This congregation is presently experiencing a supernatural visitation of the Holy Spirit, and God is revealing Himself in manifestations of glory and powerThe accounts of what have taken place in Church So Blessed indicate that they have touched the glory realm, a holy place, where the desires of man must be yielded to the dictates of God In His rich grace, God has allowed this church to live up to its name and calling They have been so blessed to experience theriver of God, and they desire to go even deeperThe good news for every believer is that God s heart is bursting to pour out His Spirit on us as well Because of His undying love, God desires to reveal His glory to the church, His beloved brideAn excerpt from the Foreword by Che Ahn Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena CaliforniaFounder and Head, Harvest International Ministry

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