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What You Did PDF What You Did By Claire McGowan Pembspm.co.uk A Vicious Assault A Devastating Accusation Who Should She Trust, Her Husband Or Her Best Friend It Was Supposed To Be The Perfect Reunion Six University Friends Together Again After Twenty Years Host Ali Finally Has The Life She Always Wanted, A Career She Can Be Proud Of And A Wonderful Family With Her College Boyfriend, Now Husband But That Night Her Best Friend Makes An Accusation So Shocking That Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again.When Karen Staggers In From The Garden, Bleeding And Traumatised, She Claims That She Has Been Assaulted By Ali S Husband, Mike Ali Must Make A Split Second Decision Who Should She Believe Her Horrified Husband, Or Her Best Friend With Mike Offering A Very Different Version Of Events, Ali Knows One Of Them Is Lying But Which And Why When The Ensuing Chaos Forces Her To Re Examine The Golden Era The Group Shared At University, Ali Realises There Are Darker Memories Too Memories That Have Lain Dormant For Decades Memories Someone Would Kill To Protect. Wow, what a page turner Suspenseful and intriguing, leaving me wondering how it would end Loved it When six old college friends get together 25 years after they met, it s fair to say their lives have taken quite different directions Mike and Ali have been married seemingly forever He s a successful lawyer, she s involved with a rape victim support charity and they have two perfect children and a house that s got the potential to be everything Ali ever wanted Callum and Jodi are finally having the baby they ve waited so long for Ali s best friend Karen is a single mum, living in relative poverty compared to her peers and Bill has returned from years of living in Sweden, newly single again What could go amiss After the group drink too much and remember their student days, Karen cries rape and accuses Ali s husband Mike and the whole can of contentment is opened to reveal lots of wriggling worms, some of them dating back than 20 years.Ali s role at the charity is no longer tenable How can she defend her husband against her best friend s accusations when she has spent years pushing the line that victims should always be believed As the story progresses, layer upon layer of lies are revealed and Ali is left wondering how she was the only one of the six who seemingly didn t know what was going on With each chapter, her cosy life is taken apart and thrown around.I found this book completely believable because I know these people I m 10 years older than the protagonists but I have plenty of old college friends who went on to marry and create these cosy lives McGowan s descr 2.5 stars for predictabilityAs another reader stated earlier, the first reads are not usually great books so I didn t have high expectations for this one and in that light, I wasn t disappointed and could actually give this 3 stars for a fast read However, I hated so many of the characters, guessed the killer rapist half way through and didn t understand people motivations Why did Mike end up with Ali over Karen, couldn t Karen, instead of Ali, have lied for him after Martha s murder Why did Karen flunk her finals and never get a degree That wasn t ever explained other than that she and Mike were sleeping together Huh He managed to graduate And didn t he realize Jake was his son why didn t he help Karen out with some money, apparently she needed it, even if it was just as a friend Mike and Ali apparently had enough to lend to Callum And what about Bill, he really couldn t find lasting happiness because he still carried a torch for Ali 25 years later And why did he when he had been so disappointed in her lying at uni to protect Mike And based on that, why would he be so surprised, and disappointed, that she d throw Karen under the bus and supported Mike Not a thriller Well written women s psychological fiction with unlikeable characters This is s psychological thriller offering for July First Reads, but it is not a thriller, no matter that its pacing is good In addition to a he said she said rape accusation, there is a mystery although the details are annoyingly hinted about for half the book, before it s finally revealed The storyline focuses on three forty three yr old women, detailing how each of their lives are upended after a reunion weekend I had problems empathizing with both male and female characters who lie, cheat, blackmail, commit adultery, conceal evidence, drink to excess, lack morals, etc Also, protagonist Ali Morris is ineffectual and too naive to be a believable character in this drama The accusation of rape and an attempted murder results in life changing and life threatening consequences Each woman is complicit in hiding important information when it Well, this Kindle First book was an easy 5 Full of twists and secrets n lies, just my sort of story I was totally engrossed I ve never happened upon this author before, not quite sure why Her Paula Maguire series sounds really good as well so I ve put the first one of those into my wishlist a bit sharpish.And better still, I happened across ONE mistake, just one, the whole way throughlet this be a sharp lesson to other authors, editors or proofreaders, it can be done All one needs is some pride in their work, and if they have this then they ll find it s well worth paying someone to do these jobs correctly It matters so much to so many readers and can totally transform their reading experience of YOUR product So please think on and consider us a little All she did was use tick just the one time and not tic.bravo from me.I made notations throughout this on my Kindle on what I believed was happening and how one particular puzzle might reveal itself and I was wrong every time, of course Nothing new there What it must be to have an imagination.heheheOooh, I did This month only 07 2019 Prime Members get to choose 2 books for the Prime First Reads programs I m so thankful because I couldn t choose between An interesting premise that is well written and explored It s a book of lies upon lies upon lies that steadily unravel until the bitter finish Of friendships dissolving in the wake of an unfathomable accusation, of betrayals and hurts I either have the worst luck choosing from Prime First Reads free book of the month or the books aren t that good or both The premise for WHAT YOU DID sounded interesting, the execution was not Billed as a psychological thriller WHAT YOU DID felt like neither At least I didn t waste money on it. What You DidThis is my First Read pick for July, it s listed as a psychological thriller I think it should be called a psychological mystery.Basically six friends get together to reminisce after meeting at the university 25 years ago It turns into a he said, she said situation which is l

About the Author: Claire McGowan

Claire McGowan grew up in a small village in Northern Ireland After a degree in English and French from Oxford University she moved to London and worked in the charity sector THE FALL is her first novel, which is followed by a series starring forensic psychologist Paula Maguire She also writes as Eva Woods.

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