William Walker's First Year of Marriage: A Horror Story

William Walker's First Year of Marriage: A Horror Story William Walker, hapless journo, has just married Isabel, the girl of his dreams The happy couple live in a small flat in Finsbury Park while William labours away at his magazine, revelling in his recent promotion from a column for which he was required to taste different brands of cat food to dignified reportage So far, so perfect But William has a Bridget Jones ish knack for messing up the happiest of situations he can t help shouting at the obnoxiously precocious work experience girl and has an embarrassing tendency to forget names of women he has previously tried to sleep with It doesn t help that Isabel s creepy best friend Alex is very obviously in love with her Nor that Saskia, a vixen ish old flame of William s, has just moved in downstairs As Alex slithers his way into Isabel s heart, Saskia seems intent of resuming relations with William or at least giving Isabel that impression Increasingly beset, increasingly unlucky, and increasingly hilarious, William battles his way through a series of comic disasters that threaten to destroy his relationship and reduce him to a state of sad bachelorhood a fate, he soon realises, worse than death

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