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Womankind In Nova s world, women rule Since a child, society preached to her about the evils of men, but how could all men be bad She s never seen a man in the flesh until assigned to prison duty Damon isn t like the other prisoners He makes her question everything, and does wicked things to her body She s his warden and forced to dominate over him in public Behind closed doors, she gives Damon the freedom to master her body, heart, and soul But how can they have a future together when their love is forbidden

About the Author: Stacey Espino

Stacey Espino resides in beautiful Ontario, Canada where she is busy raising her five school aged children She loves being a Canadian, but could do without the brutal winters She enjoys writing erotic romance that will have you squirming in your seat From hardcore cowboys to alpha shifters, she has you covered Stacey also writes alternative m m romance as Winona Wilder.Website Stacey s Books

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    Clare C s ReviewThe idea of an oppressed segment of society overthrowing the people in power is a time honored theme in science fiction, as it the inevitability that those people won t be any better than the previous group Womankind is about such a society where women have culled the male population to take ultimate power The men left on earth are corralled in prison camps.I liked the variety of themes and moral les

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    3.5 stars

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    I picked this book up because it had an interesting premise, and to some degree the writer delivered.Stacey is good with language and I enjoyed reading Womankind from that standpoint.But this book might have impressed meif its basic ideas had been developed farther, and the relationship between Nova and Damon did not leave much of an impression on me either Really, I felt like the book was too short to do either of thes

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    In a world so unlike our own that it borders on seeming to transport the reader to another world altogether, romance ignites with fiery eroticism Delivered with drama and tenderness that jumps off the page, this short read offers both a fun twist on the idea of prison passion as well as a love story There is an interesting twist at the end, which I won t spoil, which really closes things up nicely for a short Altogether w

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    Short story 72 pages.I wanted to like this bookthan I did The premise was okay but if I read men can t be trusted once, I read it 50 times So, yes it was repetitive too.

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    Just got done reading this bookshort but sweet

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