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Yellow Rose Yoshiya Nobuko s short story series Flower Stories Hana monogatari is widely known for launching the genre of sh jo fiction stories expressly written for girls and young women For the first time in English, one of the most ardent and influential of the collection, Yellow Rose, is published with a translator s introduction, era specific design and list of further readings It will appeal to all readers of fine fiction, especially those with an interest in women s writings, genre fiction, youth culture, queer writings, and twentieth century modernist styles

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    Back in the 1920s an odd little genre flourished in Japan, the Class S Romance This was a form of lesbian romance, but not quite At the time, all girls schools were common in Japan, and of course with tons of adolescent girls stuck together with no access to boys, there was some same sex experimentation going on Adults viewed these kinds of relationships as just a phase girls went through, an

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    Gawd, so gay This book is a product of its time, but also beyond its time in some ways, by an author who was a huge influence on Japanese girls literature shoujo yuri Basically a lot of pop culture things I love If you are interested in yuri shoujo queer lit classic Japanese lit, this is a very worthwhile short read about a bittersweet romance Great introduction and translation, also.

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    Yoshiya Nobuko was one of the founding mothers of Japanese girls fiction as we know it today, most specifically the yuri romance This short story from her well known Flower Tales collection very clearly lays the groundwork for the lesbian romance in contemporary Japanese fiction with its sweetly tragic tone and Sapphic, melancholy finale If you re interested in lesbian romance, the history of shoujo, o

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    Very interesting very short story approximately 25% of the e book While the story itself is interesting for its context, it s especially the introduction that makes this worth it Also good list of suggested readings.Read if you are interested in Japanese classic literature, shoujo culture and or LGBT literature

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    This book makes it clear why Nobuko is known as The Mother of Yuri.Yellow Rose is a deeply intimate short story about female sexuality, set in almost a Coming of Age situation While Yellow Rose is a lesbian relationship, an argument could be made that the teacher student relationship isscandalous than the f f relationship during 1920 s Japan Experimentation before marriage was considered good practice before mar

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    Es una historia extremadamente breve menos de la mitad de las p ginas consideradas en el e book , pero a pesar de ello, logra transmitir una historia sobre sexualidad femenina que bien pudiera seguir siendo relevante el d a de hoy, con ciertas reflexiones f cilmente aplicables a la situaci n actual de comunidades disidentes en muchas partes del mundo Aunque no hay una confirmaci n expl cita, el fuerte subtexto que la

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    Not As DescribedMy first and major complaint is that the synopsis both onand Goodreads does not mention that this is ultimately a love story between a teacher and her student I would not have purchased this book if I had known that upfront My second complaint is that the introduction notes on translation gives away the entire plot of the story In fact, this introduction is the bulk of the ebook The story itself is only a

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    Let s me just put this out there Yellow Rose was totally an impulse read because of how gorgeous that cover is And best of all, I actually liked the story and found the scholarship throughout enlightening Learningabout the creation of the shoujo genre was fascinating, and should Yoshiya Nobuko s other works be translated into English, I would definitely check them out.

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    This particular story happened to be about a romantic teacher student relationship, which turned me way off, but I m glad I read this Actually, the part I enjoyed most was the translator s note, and I d be very interested to read a fuller volume of the author s works Presumably some of them are about less gross relationships.

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    3.5 ogromny plus za wst p t umaczki

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