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Yes The narrator, a scientist working on antibodies and suffering from emotional and mental illness, meets a Persian woman, the companion of a Swiss engineer, at an office in rural Austria For the scientist, his endless talks with the strange Asian woman mean release from his condition, but for the Persian woman, as her own circumstances deteriorate, there is only one answer

About the Author: Thomas Bernhard

Thomas Bernhard was an Austrian author, who ranks among the most distinguished German speaking writers of the second half of the 20th century.Although internationally he s most acclaimed because of his novels, he was also a prolific playwright His characters were oftenly working in a lifetime and never ending major work while they deal with themes such as suicide, madness and obsession and, as Bernhard did, they use to have a love hate relation with Austria His prose was tumultuous but sober at the same time, philosophic in the background, with a musical cadency and plenty of black humor.He started publishing in the year 1963, with the title Frost His last published work, appeared in the year 1986, was Extinction Some of his most well known works include The loser where he ficitionalizes about Glenn Gould , Correction and Woodcutters.

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    There is no comparison to Thomas Bernhard s literary genius, which spins a fragile web of thoughts and emotions, never finished, never clear, always difficult, heavy, undefined and vague, despite the eternally running, circling sentences, and in this web his characters are stuck, as much prisoners in the maze of his language as in their own plots, if they even da

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    Hey, everyone I finished a book I realize that this is approximately the equivalent of crying out, I got laid at a brothel, but there you have it I ve been reduced to this For the past eighteen months or so I ve been a non reader a demographic I m not generally comfortable consorting with or, at best, a half assed reader I ll read forty pages of this and set it down and t

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    While I do not consider myself a nihilist, I nevertheless have a deeply personal response to Thomas Bernhard s novels, which leads me to believe, especially while either immersed in one of his novels or while recovering from one, that I am at heart a nihilist, at least of a stripe, and that Bernhard has the ability to reveal my hidden self to me This would be appropriate as I have

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    El narrador de este texto es un Woody Allen sin gracia o con esa gracia especial sima que emana de una narraci n atropellada, ca tica, repetitiva, neur tica, circular hasta la n usea solo le faltaba el tartamudeo, pero eso quiz s hubiera sido pasarse La an cdota del texto absolutamente brutal se circunscribe a las diez ltimas p ginas, todo lo dem s es pr cticamente un retrato del narrador

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    Yes, Indeed He s gone and done it again Taking the most simple and stripped down of scenarios and turning it into something quite brilliant and devastating, cascading with repetitions and variations that is almost structurally written like a piece of music In monologue form, we have another despairing of sorts narrator, a scientist this time, who captures the essence of what Bernhard is all about M

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    enough praise has been accorded regarding the story telling talents of Thomas Bernhard There have beenthan enough remarks referring to his long tirades and vitriol as well as his use of the long sentenced paragraph and repetitive phrase In this novel Yes not only does the reader come to a clear understanding of story, there is also a distinct and memorable feeling for this extreme setting and its inhabitant

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    Incondizionatamente D altra parte, come nel corso della mia vita so ormai senza ombra di dubbio, proprio i pensieri assurdi sono i pensieri pi chiari e i pi assurdi sono anche i pi importanti.Uno studioso di scienze naturali infermo sul piano psicoaffettivo e non riesce pi a dedicarsi al proprio lavoro mentale e intellettuale con l intenzione di salvarsi, va dall amico Moritz, agente immobiliare, per rovesciare verg

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    After all, there is nothing but failure. Yes, as another GR reviewer posited, is generally held to be one of Bernhard s minor works, but it is a perfectly executed short piece markedly positioning itself within the transition from the earlier TB of Correction and The Lime Works to the mature period of Old Masters and The Loser The narrative style, mental torment, personality debilitation, circular reasoning, and objective l

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    Holy Jesus Fuck, Yes is excellent Now, I m not sure if you ll like it because you ve got to get accustomed to Bernhard s style He ll extend a sentence, via dependent clause, for pages on end No chapter breaks, either Hell, no paragraph breaks But once you get in a groove with Mr Bernhard, whoa, he s through the roof good Yes is told entirely from the perspective of a mostly socially isolated scientist who encounters a Persian woman w

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    Soltanto un burlone come Bernhard poteva intitolare Sun opera cos radicalmente pervasa da nichilismo.Questo uno dei libri di Bernhard l altro Cemento cui apporrei una fascetta con stampato a lettere ben visibili Tenere lontano dalla portata di chi ha familiarit con l ala oscura della depressione Noi cerchiamo senza sosta di scoprire dei retroscena e non facciamo un solo passo avanti, soltanto complichiamo e ingarbugliamo ancor pi ci che gi co

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