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Zee Bee & Bee Told from the perspective of the sluggish employee of a Zombie Bed Breakfast tourist trap, this horrific love letter, and middle finger, from the zombie capital of the world, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, chronicles the daily workings of a staged zombie assault and the rehearsal of an end of the world scenario The question of whether the cast are really attacking hotel guests, who is dead, alive, or just annoying as hell is answered in a satisfyingly gruesome manner, sparked by an undead love triangle and a tipping point of post modern, pop culture references Trivia note Author David James Keaton first attempted to finance and run a Zombie Bed Breakfast similar to the tragedy depicted here However, this misguided get rich quick scheme ended in disaster So read this thinly veiled, fictionalized account of one tiny apocalypse, and do not let those poor souls dine in vain also includes the utterly irresponsible Send More Paramedics The Zombie Movie Drinking Game, which you can play while you read, drink, drive, and die, over and over again

About the Author: David James Keaton

David James Keaton s writing has appeared in over 75 publications, online and in print He received his MFA from the University of Pittsburgh and was the co founder and Editor in Chief of Flywheel Magazine His first collection of fiction, FISH BITES COP Stories To Bash Authorities Comet Press , was named the 2014 Short Story Collection of the Year by This Is Horror and was also a finalist for the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Kirkus Reviews called his debut novel, THE LAST PROJECTOR Broken River Books , A world of wild fiction rapidly paced and loaded with humor a loopy, appealing mix of popular culture and thoroughly crazy people His second collection of fiction, STEALING PROPELLER HATS FROM THE DEAD PMMP , received a Starred Review from Publishers Weekly, who said, The author s joy in his subject matter is obvious, often expressed with a sly wink and a wicked smile Decay, both existential and physical, has never looked so good These days, he s tinkering with several screenplays, including a prison movie, a thriller, and a western, also adapting them into novels He realizes this method is probably backwards His books are available wherever insanity is sold.

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    Zee Bee Bee is for People who like zombies stories People who like zombie movies People who eat at TGI Fridays People who have stolen a copy of CLERKS from their local video store People who support indy writers People who have an eReader People who have a measly.99 cents in their pocket.This is a zombie story of a different sort entirely Zee Bee Bee is indy in spirit the whole way through You will not read a zombi

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    Keaton is hilarious, evident right from the prologue my favorite part of the book I m just not a big zombie guy, so add a star if you are It s hyper fast and very entertaining, and while I dug a lot of the snappy banter, there are too many movie name checks and timely references for me, at the expense of character development Points for originality no easy feat in the land of the undead I m looking forward to checking out

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    There s a glorious moment in Behind the Mask The Rise of Leslie Vernon where all of the feel good comedy of the first 3 4 of the film is extinguished in a flash and things get real ugly real fast It s so slick, when you realize what has just happened, you are taken aback It s a wonderful feeling Author David James Keaton manages to pull off a very similar thing in his novel Zee Bee Bee aka Zombie Bed Breakfast.You can read Steve

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    Welcome to the Z B B aka the Zombie Bed Breakfast where guests pay for the unique experience of pretending to be honeymooning couples at a remote Bed Breakfast that is besieged by zombies.But despite the Honeymoon Husband s concern that the cast will try too hard to scare them, initially it s kind of difficult to imagine the employees of Z B B being motivated enough to scare anyone.Indeed, the cast members are muchinclined to sit aroun

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    This novella is a witty, surreal, outrageously original take on the zombie genre The story sees guests pay to take part in a Night of the Living Dead style apocalyptic scenario Actors playing zombies stage an assault on an isolated farmhouse where the guests are holed up But as the night progresses both actors and guests start becoming dangerously committed to their roles The plot, then, is a little thin But the plot is never really the point

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    Think Jack Black in High Fidelity, now add a B B with a Ghastly Theme and then remember the fastest talkin , highest steppin , light years a second Carney Barker you ever in your life heard and drop him her into the equation and thenAND THEN plunk it all down in a whole mess of DON T SAY THAT Z WORD , uh deadest undead you ever saw Then jack the throttle, slam that sucker sideways, break the back tire loose and just, freakin SLIDE that turn and hang

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    Starts out humorous, then takes a nasty turn towards the end that is a pleasant surprise.You can read my full review at HorrorTalk.com Starts out humorous, then takes a nasty turn towards the end that is a pleasant surprise.You can read my full review at HorrorTalk.com

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    delightfully twisted the underlying concept a zombie themed bed and breakfast LARP would make for a good business model, actually.

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    Zombies and pop culture mashed together in an irreverent disregard for genre Loved it.

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