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Ll ou discover about their interaction is that she thinks he is funny It would have been better if this was shown rather than told I kept thinking was I want to laugh too Maybe it would have made me like Jason s character As it was I just thought he was demanding and she was a pushover with no spine Then during the dinner he basically says We re celebrating the fact that we will be having sex tonight How romantic a demand that she just went along with Umno Have some backbone woman Another part that really bugged Me What I was what I the fountain incident Samantha goes to Laurie house for a random girls night Why ou would have a girls night with a stranger ou just met whom El Leon Que No Sabia Escribir The Lion Who Doesn T Know How To Write your brother forcedou to give a job and housing in said place of employment i don t know but they end up naked in a fountain together I m guessing this is supposed to be attributed to some type of weird shifter female bonding I believe there is also supposed to be some type of famous lastwords irony but it really falls flat First and foremost the male lead Jason is driving around town and happens to stumble across them dancing naked in a fountain We don t know how the women got to that point all we know is it involved liuor What are we missing againdetails If they were at Laurie s house and Jason had to drive them home it would stand to reason that they had to get there by some form of transportation Shifting and running would be out because he noted that he picked up their clothes at that location and they only shifted when they saw him to cover their nakedness Suffice to say this is just another plot gap that bugged me about this bookWith all that said I would like to make sure that I state that I respect this author and the work that she put in to completing this book I just am not a fan of it Impressive love story I love it when I can feel the romance build between to characters This story has some humor a sexy arctic fox and one alpha wolf that can t keep his paws off of a white fox These sex scenes are very hot and I am looking forward reading about the rest of the characters I hope the author will expand into this world she has building I can really see this story keep growing as she writes about these charactersThis is a short novella so I not going to give a lot out Samantha has been on the run for Monitoring The Environment years she has no family or home until she walks into a wolf shifter town where she meets Jason and he basically makes her stay with an offer for a job with his sister Now this thing will be is how is he going to keep this fox from running again You ll have to read to find outOverall I was impressed with the author and the love story and can t wait to read from her I would recommend this to any paranormal romance readerTease Unbelievable Jason angrily whisperedet again He looked at the wolf sitting in the front seat next to him I told Impresiuni I Preri Pesonale Din Timpul Rzboiului Romniei Jurnal Zilnic 13 August 1916 31 Decembrie 1918 Vol 2 you to take care of her Jason glanced in the rearview mirror at the wet arctic fox Unconscious she was spread out over the entire backseat of his car She looked a bit like a big rat with her white fur plastered against her skin What exactly madeou think skinny dipping in the very public park fountain was a good idea The wolf looked at him with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth As he stopped at a red light she put front paws on his thigh and licked his face It starts as an euivalent of a hot chocolate on a cold night Then What Measure Of Inflation Should A Developing Country Central Bank Target you get drowned in cheese All the familiar ingredients of short paranormal romances are hereou have Secrets Of The Eternal Moon Phase Goddesses Meditations On Desire Relationships And The Art Of Being Broken your obligatory shifter community and an outsider arriving in their isolated little town something or another at first sight being in love right away bossiness him being a caveman and she being cute some jealousy and all thatIt s short andou re going to read it uickl. Or Samantha is impossible to resist But his little fox is loaded down with emotional baggage and doesn't believe she's worthy of love Can he overcome her fears Or will pack jealousies and the local foxes convince her she doesn't belong with him before he has a chance28000 Words. Ng so confused over his feelings for her all he knew was that he wanted to be around Samantha all the time and was paralyzed at the thought that she might leave This was especially nice because in so many shifter books the shifter knows immediately that the woman is his mate due to scent and there is never any uestion about their feelings they never have to struggle with realizing that they are in love like every other person in the real world Of course Jason was compelled by Samantha but it wasn t MUST CLAIM MATE I wish the book had been longer not because I felt it was rushed in anyway it really wasn t but because I didn t want it to end I really hope that Bennett makes a series out of this One of two books in the series I used to prolifically re read it s been a fair while since my last re read sometimes my kindle turns into Mary Poppins bag and I can t locate all my treasures add in a goldfish like memory and good books are sometimes forgotten and left to gather dustAlpha wolf and pack leader Jason has been feeling restless and like something is missing from his life for uite some time he wants a happy mating like his parents but none of the women in his pack or whom he has datedslept with in the past were the one And then one day he walks into his local dinner and scents something that has his wolf rising sharply alert lone Arctic fox shifter Samantha Jason is possessive and protective from the get go whilst Samantha is nervous and skittish I Did Wish Samantha Was A Little Fierier And Her did wish Samantha was a little fierier and her were a little bit different when she was scared and upset nevertheless they re a cute couple and this was a pretty cute read that had me at times smilingAn enjoyable littleshort shifter romance light and fun with no angst Insta lustlove is the key ingredient in this I loved this book although it was shorter than expected the author built a beautiful town in a very short time Jason is the Premier wolf in Alpine Woods and smells something very enticing That is when he sees Samantha He knows that she is a shifter jut not sure what kind Samantha is an artic fox shifter and was kicked out of her skulk at the age of 21 and has always felt unwanted and unloved This all changes when she meets Jason Throughout the book they fall in love and Jason wants to claim her as his mate bus Sam is skittish While getting lost in the woods she lands in another shifter town but this time with foxes where she meets Cody He is a crafty one I liked all the characters in the book and will continue with the series There were just so many things that were amazing and perfect about this book The first 90% was sheer perfection And on a scale of 1 5 stars I d be looking for 6 or 7 This is the point where I type up my own statements about novella s not being long enough to develop characters I d have to print those being long enough to develop characters I d have to print those words out and eat them Like crow Because I am woman enough to admit Bennett developed two amazing characters So now I revise my previous statement I believe that an author can t commit the majority of a novella s text or even a large portion of it to sex and at the same time have the space and timing to make me care about the characters Bennet So I would not recommend this book at all I could barely finish it and only did so hoping that it wouldget better It is not the absolute worst book that I have ever read so it gets two stars instead of one Warning spoliers to follow So what didn t I like Not enough detail There were times where I would go to the next page and wonder did i miss something or skip an entire chapter I mean the main characters go out on their first date he comes to pick her up and then it s the next day What happened Where is the development of their relationship When we finally see their second date Believes it's the novelty of an arctic fox motivating him She knows she'll be on her own again once he tires of her Jason finds himself pulled to Samantha from the moment she faints in his arms His wolf is calling to him telling him he's found their mate and the heat he feels .
It s fun to read about shifters who are not so steeped in angst ou want to help them find the knife to end it all A nice Sunday afternoon don t have to think to hard to figure things out A good read This is very short but it s a fun read for an evening A feel good HEA romance for when ou might be in the mood for one Ms Bennett manages to get a full story into about 72 pages and not leave The Church And The Puritans 1570 1660 Classic Reprint you thinking it was rushed or that the ending was too abruptThe cover is just lovelyI hope she will pen some seuels about this wolf pack and maybe the fox pack next door She has left us with at least 5 characters for which she can do additional books I am amazed at how much of a story Sondrae Bennett has managed to pack into such a small package 72 pagesSamantha is an unsure and timid arctic fox that was orphaned at aoung age then kicked out of her skulk four ears ago Since then she has been traveling the country never staying in one place too long or forming any attachments and steering clear of shifter communities When she falls ill and accidentally enters into a wolf packs territory she is frightened for her life she knows how vicious shifter packs are in Alaska and doesn t think this one could be any differentWhen premier Jason enters the dinner an alluring scent catches his nose and he immediately focuses on its owner a petite gorgeous blond who is definitely not human and Jason s wolf comes to full attention But when he goes to uestion the new comer she faints dead away Samantha comes to with the full attention But when he goes to uestion the new comer she faints dead away Samantha comes to with the hulking wolf holding her hand and is shocked when he insists on her staying in the town even Giving Her A Job Accommodations her a job accommodations not she thinks but doesn t expect to hang around for long she never does But Jason plans on keeping her around for good he knows he has found his mate in the little fox Now all he has to do is convince Samantha of it Arctic Winds is a beautiful romance with characters that will capture our heart and love scenes that will make Great Irish Short Stories your blood boil Jason is a sexy alpha wolf that can take care of me any day of the week And his little heart Samantha is sweet and loving but comes with some heavy emotional baggageou can t help but feel for her As they struggle with their relationship they grow into a admirable couple ou will be rooting for a HEA for this pair A marvelous debut and start to the Alpine Woods Shifters series and I am looking forward to There is something about this book that really sucked me in and made me love it I found myself just smiling through the whole book well novella it is only 86 pages on my Nook I connected with all the characters immediately not just the hh The secondary characters were just as great and the author could not write their stories fast enough Even the fox alpha that was only in a few pages caught my immediate interest and made me want There were definite problems with this book don t get me wrong Due immediate interest and made me want There were definite problems with this book don t get me wrong Due the shortness of the book again only 86 pages there were some things that were not fully explained such as exactly why Samantha s skulk made her leave a skulk is to foxes what a pack is to wolves I had no idea what it was before reading this I was also curious as to why all of the different shifter groups in Alaska where Samantha s original skulk was were so blood thirsty and territorial but not where the book takes place sorry I have no idea what state they are in It makes me even curious about Samantha s old skulk maybe the other shifters only hated the Arctic Fox skulk for some reasonI loved Jason he was so pulled towards Samantha right away and was so afraid of scaring her off He was so gentle with her emotions but at the same time was hotness in bed He also had no idea that he was in love with her and she was his mate It was great watching him bei. Alpine Woods Shifter #1 Nothing will stop a wolf once he's found his matenot even her own doubts After her skulk abandoned her four ears ago Samantha knew she would never truly be wanted When she accidentally stumbles into a wolf town and is asked by their premier to stay she. .

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Arctic Winds Alpine Woods Shifters #1

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