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An be a stand alone book as well as part of the seriesPremise A friend of Hazel Micallef Detective Inspector in Westmuir County Canada is found dead in the parking lot of a smoke and souvenir shop on the reserve near the casino Hazel cannot A great and complex mystery written by a Canadian who usually writes literary heshe writes mysteries under this pseudonymAnyhow I loved this book read it in a day Just sat on my porch at the Cape in the cool breeze and read and read and got stiff reading so I switched to a small antiue rocker I have with a wicker seat and I read until I was doneComplex multi layered with insight to characters which I love and a range of situations and vents that kept me turning the pages A local man who is well known and well loved for always being there when someone needs a hand is found dead wasp sting behind a smoke shop There s a reservation casino up the road and lots of sneaky type folks here and there There s a also a young woman on the run and she s tasering and sometimes killing Sky1 Foundation everyone she runs into Well notveryone just those on her Arya type list Forgive the GOT reference it s on my mind of lateAnyhow MC Hazel Micallef in her arly 60 s is the CO of a small police force She s got her arly 60 s is the CO of a small police force She s got of her own what with a cranky 87 year old mother and the fact that Hazel isn t the War Of The Chariots Wilson Vondniken Debate Ufo S And Life In Outer Space easiest person in the world to get along with She s got her crew though associates constablestc who are all on her side It s left to her and them to sort out what s going on at the smoke shop if anything and what the young woman wants who s asing in and out of the woods often barefoot tasering people Most definitely my kind of book and I m thrilled to learn there is one at least in this series The first two novels in this series captivated me This one however created a sense of restless boredom as I read about an unpleasant topic that has been the premise read about an unpleasant topic that has been the premise numerous books I will keep hopeful and wait for the fourth book in the series Another solid ntry in the Hazel Micalef series Not uite as dark as the first two but certainly compelling and contains Rosemary S Baby enough intense scenes to keep you riveted The story involves sex slavery and theffect it has on one particular victim who is a rather complex character The The Catacombs ending is hard hitting and not for the sueamish Highly recommended A Door in the River by Inger Ash WolfeThis is the fourth in the Hazel Micallef series and my fourth This bookstory did not catch my attention until well into a third of the story Then a portal opened up and I wasngulfed in a complex abyss of darkness and an atmosphere of hopelessness It was a story of desperation with no nd The finality to it left a sad life in disrepair and at the same time a possible new beginning for Hazelif she accepts itThis mystery delves deep into a hidden world of the most vil corruption imaginable Excellently written with the array of characters developing as a team and as individuals Highly recommende. L of Westmuir County The third thrilling installment in this acclaimed mystery series A Door in the River is a brilliantly plotted psychologically complex and spellbinding story―and the most haunting Hazel Micallef novel ye. .
This Hazel Micallef series continues to draw me in although this book was a little harder to read at times due to the subject matter dealing with global human trafficking Hazel is a determined and strong character one I We Were Soldiers Too Serving As A Reagan Soldier During The Cold War enjoy learning about inach book A Door in the River A Hazel Metcallef Mystery by Inger Ash Wolfe was an book from Net Galley I read The Calling by Wolfe actually the pseudonym of Michael Redhill a few years ago and had mixed feelings I thought the characters were well done liked having a protagonist in her 60 s and loved the wit a protagonist her 60 s and loved the satirical wit Hazel s mother but didn t really care for some of the gruesome and the over the top aspectsFound the dialogue improved in this one much asier to determine who was speaking than in The Calling An interesting initial murder mystery turned into a complicated conspiracy involving drugs and human traff Ah Hazel As the world falls apart around her she prioritizes solving crimes over proper procedure This may be seen by some as a good thing but it rubs those around her in all the wrong ways And this time she puts herself and her people into danger investigating the death of a local man that isn t considered a homicide Vieilles Canailles L Intgrale early in the bookBut she pushes on makingnemies and doing things her own way sometimes the hard way to uncover something much bigger than the original death Something unexpected And something much deeper and darker than anyone would imagine lurking in the Ontario countrysideIt s books like these that remind me that I live in a naive little bubble That I m safe when others don t have that privilege And that sometimes we need to be aware of the dangers lurking in those dark shadows This one was a bit crazy Nothing was as it seemed and the that Hazel looked into things the crazy things turned out I was glad that by the nd the people that needed help got it glad that a good guy remained a good guy The one person I m not sure about is Kitty First Line Saturday August 6 1121 pm She needed to get to the roadInspector Hazel Micallef is the type of character I love and my love affair with her began with the first book The Calling In the type of character I love and my love affair with her began with the first book The Calling In book she is the 62 year old interim police chief of a small town force in the province of Ontario Canada She s divorced not particularly likeable and is racked with pain She lives with her octogenarian larger than life mother who s an x mayor of the town in which they live Hazel is smart relies a lot on her intuition and doesn t know the meaning of the word uitIn the second book The Taken she finds herself forced to live in the basement of her Emma Elsie Meet Fitzwilliam Darcy ex husband s house after back surgery and forced to rely upon not only herx husband but his current wife for almost verything she needs For someone as independent and obstinate as Hazel this is an almost unbearable situation but she learns from it She may be stubborn but she s not stupidIn this third book Hazel s story continues One of the most popular and well kno. Stinging deaths aren't uncommon in the summertime but when Henry Wiest turns up stung to death at an Indian reservation Detective Hazel Micallef senses not all is as it seems And when it turns out the bee was a diabolical tee. Wn men in the community has been found dead in the parking lot of a smoke shop on a nearby reservation The autopsy shows that the man died of anaphylactic shock after being stung by a wasp Hazel does not believe the findings She knows the man and after talking with others who were ven closer to him findings She knows the man and after talking with others who were Antigonick even closer to him many things just don t add upThen in short order the dead man s wife is attacked and another man is killed Both crimes have a common denominator a lone woman who seems to be desperately searching for something Who is she What is she looking for Is she also responsible for the first man s death Is Hazel going to be able to solve these crimes before someonelse diesIt s a good thing that Hazel is a strong woman because there s a lot on her plate than a few violent crimes She s just been informed that there are changes afoot in the police department one of them being that she has a new boss a man whom she used to supervise just a short while ago But ven worrying than the crimes and the new boss is the fact that Hazel s 88 year old mother who s always been so vibrant and full of vinegar seems to be giving up As a daughter who loves her mother dearly this is the hardest thing for her to face Give Hazel a bad guy any day over seeing her mother lying in bed with her face to the wallOne of the things I love most about this series is the author s skill in changing my perspective At the beginning the killer is a person to be feared and reviled but as the story unfolds we find we need to change our point of view This is about much than a woman on the rampage and as Hazel puts the clues together she understands about much than a woman on the rampage and as Hazel puts the clues together she understands and knows that she will not rest until veryone responsible is brought to justiceLarysa is one of the best villains I ve read in years As and is learned about this woman my perspective continually shifted from fear and abhorrence to understanding to great unease She is a character to rememberAs is Hazel In her many years of policing she s at her job although her skills are sadly lacking If she cares about someone and that person is in danger she will literally move heaven and arth to save them regardless of the cost to herselfI ve just learned that there are three books planned in this series and I couldn t be happier With superbly plotted stories and a strong willed uirky main character this is one series that I want to hang onto for dear life Is this one of the formulas for books that you love Then I highly recommend that you get your hands on all three of these books Is it necessary to read them all in order for them to make sense Not all all But when a character like Hazel is involved you don t want to miss a word of her story I have read all the Hazel Micallef books but this one is the best It is fast paced and suspenseful and you don t always know where the story line is going If you have not read any of the books by Inger Ash Wolfe and want to start with this one go ahead This Naged girl on a murder spree with a strange weapon a dark and twisted crime begins to slowly merge The uestions contradictions and bodies begin to mount as two separate police forces struggle to work together to save the sou. A Door in the River

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