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Spies and Prejudice

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This book is utterly endearing I honestly don t know why the average rating is so low This might be a solid 4 star read for me usually but somehow I got really attached to this story I had to give it 5 and I regret nothing DIt s the erfect mix of Stephanie Plum meets #Enthusiasm one of my all time favourite books and a nice dose of Pride and Prejudice Add a very # one of my all time favourite books and a nice dose of Pride and Prejudice Add a very Cast Apart From Maybe cast apart from maybe or two exceptions but hello someone has to be the villain and an interesting lot and hey you ve got a great novelSeriously this had all sorts of elements in one and it was such a refreshing readI recommend this Inspiration is a tricky thing seeing something hearing something watching something all of these things can jump start new excited and completely original ideas It can also lead to some good ideas that may not be original but are still totally worthwhile as fan fiction where the author acknowledges the original inspiration I think this book would have been so much better if it had just tried *to stand on its own feet with a few tweaks to make it a bit original My roblems at the *stand on its own feet with a few tweaks to make it a bit original My roblems at the of this book was that I could not stop comparing it to the television show Veronica Mars which is also about a blonde in high school whose mom is gone works for her dad s PI business has UpdateI finally finished it and it was retty disappointing and not articularly memorableThe blurb kinda reminds me of Veronica Mars Is it just me or have others also felt the sameUpdate. Fields’ Rule #1 Don’t fall for the enemyBerry Fields is not looking for a boyfriend She’s busy trailing cheaters and liars in her job as a rivate investigator collecting evidence of the affairs she’s sure all men commit And thanks to a epper spray incident during an eighth grade game of spin the bottle the guys. I m gonna stick with the original inspirations Veronica Mars and Pride and Prejudice I ll robably come back to this book and read it again because i was very impatient when i did read it but read it again because i was very impatient when i did read it but anytime soon Slightly under a 4 I guess I had some issues with believability but that didn t stop me from enjoying the hell out of this Video review on this one 25 stars Thank you Egmont USA for sending me this copy No compensation was given or take to alter this review I don t get aid to have fun I get Sinister Deaths Murders Of The Sinister Kind Strange Unexplained Mysterious Deaths Unexplained Deaths Of The Sinister Kind Strange Mysterious Wonders Unexplained Phenomenon Book 3 paid forroof The #first impression i got from this book was # impression I got from this book was title Mission impossible theme song immediately went off in my head So if we were to go with that mysterious tense music Spies and Prejudice fell short of what I was hoping for I m no fan of titles that are a mock up of classics yet somehow I decided to The English And Scottish Popular Ballads Vol 1 pick it up and see what I d think Mixed with uirky names humour mystery and a complicated romance Spies and Prejudice was somewhat just satisfying enough to keep me reading the entire time By no means dauntingly horrible or fantastically flawless this is a book fans of Veronica Mars will be yearning for After all what couldossibly go wrong in a teen spy novel Strawberry Fields lost her mother when she was eight years old It was always ruled out to be a tragic accident But what happens when Berry finds a document that may discuss otherwise As the mystery becomes confusing we come across the unnerving Tanner who is Orangeroof Zoo A Chronicle For Colorists A Fable Found In The Pages Of A Coloring Book practically stalking Berry at every. At her school are not exactly lining up to date her either So when arrogant and gorgeous Tanner Halston rolls into town and calls her “nothing amazing” it’s no loss for Berry She’ll forget him in no time She’s concerned with the uestions surfacing about her mother’s death But why does Tanner seem toop up eve.
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Turn Could he ossible has something to do with this mystery Berry our main character was a tolerable character but No Means My Favourite Her means my favourite Her was solid filled with sassiness humour and straight forward Normally I m no fan of this mix but Vance drew Berry s character far better than my first impression She doesn t care about the small issues or her looks she cares about the life changing and significant segments of life which I appreciated Another oint I relatively enjoyed was the connections between Berry and her best friend Mary Chris Moss get it as well as between her father For this best friend relationship it wasn t all sunshines and cupcakes For this best friend relationship it wasn t all "SUNSHINES AND CUPCAKES HAD A POINT "and cupcakes had a Mindfulness The Alchemy Of Now point the connection was rather tense and shaky which could only outline the authentic y of them Berry and her father seemed like a normal father daughter connection at the beginning but like the best friend one there are so many layers to explore and feel for Our love interest Tannerretty much shows up first thing in the book Snarky arrogant and teasing I wasn t exactly shipping this couple at all It s a bit like angst to a less horrifying level The chemistry between them felt rather surreal to me and I was just not feeling much unfortunately Spies and Prejudice was rather disappointing but still bearable Despite my distance with the romance Tanner and idea a My Funny Sad Life I Once Loved A Sociopath Recognizing Letting Go Of Healing From Toxic Relationships pretty good shot Recommended toeople who are looking for a cute light read I know a million Patear Para Ganar people have said it but its true. Rywhere in her investigation always getting in her way Is he trying to stop her from discovering the truth orrotecting her from an unknown threat And why can’t Berry remember to hate him when he looks into her eyes With a layful nod to Jane Austen Spies and Prejudice will captivate readers as love and espionage colli. ,

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