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Lt very unreal I wasn t very sure about what what I Also Felt That also felt that development xtremely lacking which makes sense because the book was so short I think the book could definitely be Deity expanded upon and I would like it There were a few grammaticalrrorstypos but that s okay Overall it was definitely not the worst book I ve ver read I won this book from the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway Let Me Begin By Saying Typos First Reads giveaway Let me begin by saying typos me After I noticed several right together I started highlighting them There are at least four really obvious ones in less than 30 pagesp38 I don t know what the fuck I what I was thinkingp44 Opening uotation marks are missing before I don t get the namep63 I made an spresso for him and listened to him go on about Tom and Jerryp64 boydriends boxersThere may be that I skipped over before I started marking them Having a book self published is no A Teacher Carol Burnt Out Teacher Rediscovers Her Spirit excuse for poorditing If anything you should try harder to make sure it s perfect before sending it to print if you ver want it to be published by a real company Otherwise what s the point Books from major publishing houses occasionally have one typo any than that is annoying to the reader and makes veryone involved in the writingeditingpublishing look lazy I agree with some of the Fated earlier reviewers that it s hard to tell what the book is about First person narratives are almost always about the speaker the I telling the story However here we get characterization and information about Ed than anyonelse including the speaker Hank The novel or maybe novella is appropriate is very short and I think could be added to better develop the other characters Right now The Dom For His Alpha everything that happens seems to involve Ed or be caused by him He is also the only one who really changes as a person following his suicide attempt and intervention While the story seems mostly to be about Ed and the c Do you like dark humor I thought this was amazing Somehowven with loads of foul language disparaging remarks about women and you name it this book has it I think this book is great The foul language and racial slurs are all necessary to depict the characters in the bookThe two main characters that Welcome. Bottom Welcome to Scranton paints a portrait of a small town that includes political corruption a disgraced teacher and the hilarious misadventures of young men The story takes you deep beneath the cliche of smal. I own this book I will write A Review Later This Is A 5 review later This is a 5 book a very good read I won this as a First Reads book YayI also agree about the typos they began to get annoying However I The Midwife S Marriage Proposal enjoyed reading the book It was uick andasy to get through I won t be putting it on an all time favorites list but I will look for from the same author in the future I A Question Of Identity enjoyed reading about Scranton and the lives of the characters in this book It was anasy read and was written in a way that you would sympathize or not like a character I look forward to reading stories from this talented author Great job The best part of this book were the characters They were real and ngaging I Appreciated Aspects Of The Story But appreciated aspects of the story but the most part I felt like it was a little Flat The Ending Seemed Abrupt And The Resolution Seemed Too The nding seemed abrupt and the resolution seemed too Mummo 2 especially since the challenge didn tven seem The San Francisco Public Library In Its Own Words established yet However this was anjoyable read This first reads book by Greg Halpin was an interesting story offering a glimpse into the lives of 20 something guys in their hometown The uestion Do you stay friends with someone because you ve always been friends made for a good uick read I d definitely be willing to read about Scranton and its inhabitants Just found out I won a copy yay thank you for choosing me Cannot wait to read itSo this book is a very fast read Not a lot of big words or hard to understand plot twists but the characters are well nough developed that you could start to relate to them well most of the time I njoyed this book however like some other poeple have pointed out there were many typos I understand this is an advance reader copy but ACK First couple of chapters are available on GoodReads political corruption a disgraced teacher and the antics of young men in Scranton PA Used Wordle to create his book cover one of those fun projects that can be a pain to create a good one I like his webpage for the book it shows a lot of pictures around Scranton Sensitive Readers view spoilerTypical profanity promiscuity hide spoiler I was very confused about this book I m not sure if I missed something but I kept waiting for a plot to appearI felt that the story with Ed was so so It fe. It's a wild ride through Scranton in this darkly funny and touching story about guys in their twenties trying to figure out life in their hometown The boundaries of friendship are tested as one of them hits rock. ,

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To Scranton revolves around are Henry and Ed It is all written in first person from the viewpoint of Henry He hates his name so you don t ven know that right off Henry has a group of male friends that he has known from way back Jake Mike and Ed But the real main characters are Henry Ed and the town of Scranton If you look at the cover of the book you will see a collage of the important parts of the story but You Can T Figure can t figure out just the story but you can t figure it out just looking at the coverThe story is told by Henry in first person First he tells about Ed waking up him up in the middle of the night Ed has an apartment in the same complex and he bangs on the door at three in the morning Ed asks him for some smokes and mentions that he took a whole bottle of pills Henry gives him the smokes Ed leaves and then he goes back to sleep Then he wakes up again He thinks about the bottle of pills that Ed took What should he do Take Ed to the hospital Then he hesitates Why that you will learnThere are two Parts Of The Story A of the story a back into the past with meetings in bars with his friends a road trip to Atlantic City and we really get to know Henry Ed and Scranton and the rest of the group Then we are back to the present Henry has to make an important decisionFrom the first sentence of the book with Ed banging on Henry s door I did not want to put Welcome to Scranton down The whole book is a wild ride through the past and through Scranton I have seen some complaints in reviews that there is no plot But there is definitely conflict That conflict resides in Henry and he has to make a very important decision This book is so skillfully written that all you have to do is read and you will be carried along by the story at break neck speed There is a trailer for this book at I think that it would be better to see the trailer after you read the book unless of course you are already familiar with Scranton The music to the trailer is perfect it xpresses the dark humor in this book to a T The title of this book is very important because Scranton is a main character in this book You get to know Scranton in this book the seamy side the funny side and uirky sideI recommend this book to all who love dark humor. L town life It offers scenes that make you laugh out loud situations that make you cringe and above all Scranton itself looms large as the kind of ugly lovely town that we all know too well wwwwelcometoscrantonco. ,
Welcome to Scranton