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Wednesday s Child Inspector Banks DiscomfortMondays child is fair of faceTuesdays child is full of graceWednesdays child is full of woeThursdays child has far to goFridays child is Entangled Love loving and givingSaturdays child works hard for hisivingAnd the child that is born on the Sabbath dayIs bonny and blithe and good and gayLittle Gemma Scupham is seven the portrait of a child of woe Da is The Book Of Questions long gone if she ever knew him Mum is Brenda Scupham who frankly finds Gemma a child not wanted Brenda prefers heriuor and her men being undisturbed by the presence of her daughter who has come to Good Fences look upon her mother and the men in herife with a sad knowing Trail Magic Going Walkabout For 2184 Miles On The Appalachian Trail look that seems to uestion why do you allow us toive in this manner At times it s enough to give a parent the guiltsSo Mum is uite relieved on the particular afternoon the story begins in Wednesday s Child when two well dressed people a man and a woman knock on her door identifying themselves as representatives of the Department of Human Services investgating a report that Gemma may have been abused that it will be necessary that they Human Services investgating a report that Gemma may have been abused that it will be necessary that they Gemma overnight for evaluation and they will return Gemma the next morningOf course Gemma is not returned We reach the heart of the matterOnce again Peter Robinson weaves the intricate details of a meticulous police procedural into this novel And has become interesting over the course of the cases of Inspector Alan Banks we see what the state of his ife is over the passage of time his state of mind at the time he is at work on the current caseThrough the course of the Banks series I have followed the good Inspector s taste in music It varies from novel to novel Inspector Banks has journeyed through Opera Classic American Blues and Jazz In this novel we find him in a nostalgic state of mind istening to music popular in his younger years a time of relevant innocence and pleasure Let s say he s in a Yesterday frame of mind You know Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far awaySince Banks first appearance time has moved on His children daughter Tracy and son Brian have grown older Brian is away at school Tracy now sixteen is establishing her independence With his children no onger needing his and doting wife s Sandra s close supervision Sandra has sought time following her interest in the sponsoring of Art events To Banks it seems his domestic ife is unraveling a bit Little time is spent with wife SandraGemma s mother Banks it seems his domestic Beginning Of The End life is unraveling a bit Little time is spent with wife SandraGemma s mother is a contrasting foil to Banks who in fact misses the company of his children Gemma s disappearance greatly disturbs Banks because from experience he knows that abducted children if not found within twenty four hours may never be found After forty eight hours the chance that a child will be found alive is eveness a possibilityThe abduction of Gemma Scupham strikes Banks supervisor Chief Inspector Gristhorpe with even greater force In his youth Gristhorpe was a junior constable part of the team investigating the Moor Murders one of England s most infamous cases dealing with a pair of male and female serial killers who were responsible for a substantial number of child disappearances and murders The real Zmirli life pair of killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley terrorized the Manchester area of England between 1963 and 1965 The actual number of their child victims only increased as they began to confess to additional cases in the mid 1980sUnlike previous cases Gristhorpe who is nearing retirement age and has been contemplating stepping down fo. In New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award winning author Peter Robinson’s heart racing tale of suspense the case of a missing child is inextricablyinked to that of the murder of a young man sending Chief Inspector Alan Banks down a harrowing road to uncover the truth behind the crimesIt was a crime of staggering inhumanity a seven year old girl taken.

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Wednesday's Child

characters Wednesday's Child

Readers will find themselves glued to this riveting novel until the very ast few paragraphs and what could be a better recommendation for a suspenseful police procedural than that Wednesday s Child is the best book in this series and that s saying something While of course Gemma Scupham and the events of Wednesday s Child are fictional Gristhorpe freuently refers to the real Love Lies And Secret Ties The Woman Of Landry S Landing And The Fabrizio Men life murder victim the cherubic Lesley Anne and the murdering couple of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady who confessed to killing Lesley Ann and four other children from Greater Manchester This one of his very early books but I read thisong before anyone had heated of Banks the only copy I could find was arge print oneIt wasn t one of my could find was arge print oneIt wasn t one of my ones but it was Full of woo Superbly satisfying The novel starts off by the abduction by subterfuge of a 7 year old girl This An Indecent Proposition leads to the police taking one plodding step after another but written so well that my interest never waned and each step of a new discovery wasogically followed through and welcomed and as the plot thickens one s desire for the apprehension of the psychopathic killer intensifies This is what a police procedural should beIt also allows Banks to ruminate about Banks basic nature hopefully this is not a spoiler since we have no idea who Chivers is till it is r One of the best entries in the Inspector Banks series so far sees the detective involved in the search for a kidnapped childAmidst the fiction there are references to real ife Moors murderers Ian Brady Myra Hindley which adds authenticity to the story Robinson s plotting characterisation are as good as ever but I did find one aspect of the writing a bit distracting Although the author is English he has ived in Canada for many years sometimes uses Americanisms or should that be Canadianisms such as pants instead of trousers sneakers instead of trainers This seems oddly out of place in an English detective story I do find it uite irritatingThat aside THE STORY IS VERY WELL CONSTRUCTED BUILDS UP TO story is very well constructed builds up to tense satisfying conclusion Starting out this felt ike it was going to be a nice British police procedural in the middle of the bunch It really sucked me in though and convinced me yet again that for me the Banks series is among the best of the class Great characters in this one and a perfect mix of plot twists and plausibility Banks and his super Gristhorpe run parallel investigations of a grisly murder and the bold but odd abduction of a 7 year old girl and their investigations soon converge Very reminiscent of Maj Sj wallPer Wahl s Beck series Very much recommended Young Gemma Scupham has been taken from her neglectful home by two social workers The next day her mother calls in the police to report her missing and Chief Inspector Alan Banks begins to search for the seven year old Two days ater a body is discovered by the old ead mine but it isn t the girl it s a 30 year old man who s been slit up his chest and eft under a flume The four person detective team is now split into two searching for the killers and slowly the evidence begins to show them that the two killings may be connected Superintendent Gristhorpe appears is this book Captivated leading the search for the missing girl while Banks heads up the murder of the man at the mine Together they travel to Weymouth in Dorset following the trail of the abductors Did he go by ferry to France or to the Channel Islands No they decide he s gone back to where the investigation started Eastvale. Andoned mine slain in a particularly brutal fashion a disturbing perplexing case takes an even further sinister twist drawing Banks into the sordid depths of an evil terrible and terrifying than anything the seasoned investigator has ever encounteredUtterly suspenseful and compelling Wednesday's Child willeave readers guessing and on the edge of their seats. R Banks to move up into his position decides he will be actively involved in the investigation of Gemma s disappearance The toll of an Inspector or Superintendent s work on his ife is beautifullly described as it concerns the aging GristhorpeGristhorpe reflects on his construction of a stone wall about his home an activity which he has shared with Alan Banks as they have discussed previous cases He had been working at the wall for too Keyboard Warrior long Why he bothered the Lord only knew After all it went nowhere and closed in nothing His grandfather had been a master waller in the dale but the skill had not been passed down the generations He supposed heiked is for the same reason he iked fishing mindless relaxation In an age of totalitarian utilitarianism Gristhorpe thought a man needs as much purposeless activity as he can find How I recognize this The thoughtless purposeless ACTIVITIES I ENGAGED IN TO RELIEVE MY STRESS DURING I engaged in to relieve my stress during years as a career To be continued Okay so I maybe should have guessed that given the subject matter this book might contain disturbing material And I am a sueamish reader and can t stand graphic violence in a novel BUT I think it s very very wrong to use details of real crimes in a work of fiction Especially as the author has done here going into such vivid and disturbing and harrowing detail of the crimes of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady that I did actually have to physically drop the book Of course books can and should and do explore the horrific side of ife But if I pick up a work of genre detective fiction I do not want to read such carefully described details of real The Sorcerer Heir life horror and torture I amooking for an escapist read maybe with a shiver of vicarious imaginary horror and yes sure the crime genre is at The Tiger Man Of Vietnam least partly morbid and dark What I can t stomach is authors using what amounts to someone s real pain and suffering to add colour to their book Awful A favorite series What I wrote back then 17 years ago An Inspector Alan Banks mystery Who abducted seven year old Gemma and why Who gutted Carl Johnson Very good as usual In this 6 in the Inspector Banks series a young schoolgirl is abducted from her home by a couple posing as social workersIf you are seeking fast paced thrills this is not the story for you Iove Peter Robinson s style the story meanders along at its own pace drawing conclusions both erroneous and correct concerning suspects and motives before arriving at the truthI am sad that this is the Memorable Quotations Eleanor Roosevelt last audio in this series available at myibrarybut I will keep reading this very satisfying series Wednesday s child is full of woe From a children s nursery rhymeIn this sixth novel in Peter Robinson s DCI Alan Banks series the titular Wednesday s child is Gemma Scupham a pitiful 7 year old Cat And Mouse 1st To Die long abandoned by her father and woefully neglected by her blowsy self centered mother Brenda Scupham When a man and a woman passing themselves off as social workers come to the Scruphams dirty flat and remove Gemma overnight or so they say Brenda ignorant and automatically deferential to authority doesn t object Indeed she nevers bothers to call until hours after the duo said they d return Gemma Haunted by his memories of the Moors Murders of 1965 when he was at the scene at Saddleworth Moor as the body of Lesley Anne Downey was unearthed Superintendent Gristhorpe takes a much active role in this investigation It was wonderful to see him come to the fore as he and Banks try to find Gemma before it s tooate. From her working class Yorkshire home by an attractive young couple posing as social workers Chief Inspector Alan Banks feels certain Modie And The Power Of The Bell Keys little Gemma Scupham is dead yet the motive for her kidnapping remains a mystery No ransom is ever demanded nor could Gemma's tortured guilt ridden mother afford to pay oneAnd when the body of a young man is discovered in an ab.

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