(Friendly Fire New Autonomy) [PDF/EBOOK] è Bob Black

Greed with him and he "Could Be A Most Dangerous "be a most angerous If "I had been hurt only in the smallest way this time the "had been hurt only in the smallest way this time the time it would likely be something bigger All of which tells you nothing about this book but it may be a clue as to why Bob s writing is so engaging He invites you to come along with him and celebrate his victories He gives the reader a chance to share in reveling in revenge against his opponents He brings a razor sharp wit to bear on even the most incidental slight or The Shipping News disagreement and wry smiles and outright cruel laughs are one of the pleasures of reading his work The strong point of this volume is the opening section on Bob s anti work position particularly the piece No Future for the Workplace that was written for the Wall Street Journal There are a number of good now veryated jibes to be found as well in the Dial a Rumor section And stuck near the back there s a very interesting scholarly piece on the impeachment of Andrew Johnson But honestly the whole book is enjoyable each piece giving some pleasure on readingSo long as you on t know Bob personall. Ion of Work and is sure to offend inflame and inspire almost any reader often at the same ti. Friendly Fire New AutonomyI like his writing style and a lot of his ideas I on t uite agree that kids who like to play in Il Prezzo Da Pagare dirt can be conscripted to clean toilets it s not play if someone makes youo it Bob Black should really just go away The kind of in figthing that he seems so wrapped up in is nopthing but harmful to radical causes If there was ever any chance of radical success people like this asshole would ivide so much that all the authorities would have left to o is conuer Keep on fighting the good in fight but Riding The Rollercoaster How The Risen Christ Empowers Life don t be so godamn self satisfied about it Jerk A middle aged boring white ull man And his rants He choose not to work So he evangelizes Which is not work Because he is against work And the bills have to be paid So he prints boring white ull man opinions And than he goes to market to sell them Just like with any produce But this is not work Because he is against work The author who wrote for an anarchist publication in San Francisco spends most of this book talking about himself It would Sometimes authors reveal about themselves than they intend to Consider the title of "This Collection Of 35 "collection of 35 tracts rants posters court transcripts x rated neologisms belle. ,

Is book Bob has a history of turning friends into enemies "of causing the most amage among the of his nominal "causing the most amage among the ranks of his nominal of indiscriminate attacks that hurt the people closest to him In my own case I was enough of a friend at the time of publication to receive a signed copy possibly a free one at that I Amadi And The Phoenix don t recall But I was hurt when at the back of the book he asserted that all media had suppressed the flyer he created against the Ira war I was a zine editor at the time and a freuent publisher of Bob s work And strictly speaking it was true that I hadn t put the flyer in my zine But Iid put it all Over The Campus Of The College I the campus of the college I attending at the time as I Het Eerste Weekend did with posters from Dadata and other sources By the time I saw the words it was too late to ask for a retraction and so I just let my friendship with Bob slide to avoid future burnsIf that sounds petty that s because it is But I had been around Bob enough to know that he loved a good argument not so much for the process as for the result Bob loved to win He loved to take revenge on people who hadisa. S lettres and theoretical papers covers everything from The Last International to The Abolit. ,