(PDF NEW) [The Stark Truth: The Most Overrated and Underrated Players in Baseball History] author Jayson Stark

Not a bad book for baseball nuts Jayson Stark paints A Pretty Convincing Picture About Who The True Stars Of pretty convincing picture about who the true stars of current and past generations were An njoyable and asy read I read it yesterday during the SyracuseVillanova game The writing was a bit repetitive in the way he kept xplaining what overrated meant and the formula he was using to compare stats An interesting book overall though I liked this book But almost all of the overrated players were low OBP guys who the uninformed public fell in love book But almost all of the overrated players were low OBP guys who the uninformed public fell in love I agree with the fact that those players are overrated but it s not Valuation Of Network Effects In Software Markets A Complex Networks Approach exactlyarth shattering analysis are overrated but it s not Amor Y Otros Suicidios exactlyarth shattering analysis did Making Creative Cloth Dolls enjoy the section on Nolan Ryan being overrated though And the analysis of who is underrated was much betterJust realize that if the underrated team. Every baseball fan knows New York Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter is a great all around player But how about Alex Rodriguez Jeter's teammate former American League MVP and probable future Hall of Famer Many would argue he'sven better than Jeter And what about Jeter's seemingly unassailable status as one of the greatest Yankees of all time Such discussions highlight one of the great joys of being a baseball fan arguing. ,

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Me of the overrated players are obvious People remember them as than They Were For Different were for different Steve Garvey Sax Dave Winfield others are harder to defend see Ryan above add in Sandy Koufax Sometimes the rating is tied to their contract see Brown Kevin and Drew JD Other times it is from a single wonderful year like Benito Santiago s rookie seasonThe underrated players are interesting as well I had never thought of Frank Robinson as underrated but when reading the reasons whyyeah too many people never recognize how good he actually was Stan Musial was likely one of the greatest hitters ver but never recognized as suchWell worth the read for
*a baseball fan *
baseball fan if you disagree with Stark s conclusions Heck you may ven toss the book across the roo. Using both traditional and modern methods of Joseph Anton evaluating baseball players and performance are provocativentertaining and go a long way toward settling many of baseball's most persistent debates No book can hope to settle The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year every baseball argument but The Stark Truth The Most Overrated and Underrated Players in Baseball History takes one of baseball's mostnduring debates and provides some compelling and stunning clari. The Stark Truth: The Most Overrated and Underrated Players in Baseball HistoryAnd the overrated team played 162 games the underrated team would win about 130 of them This is an interesting read specially when one reads the overrated section of very chapter Stark reminds us over and over that overrated does not mean would have been better off parking cars at the fitness The Driftless Zone Or A Novel Concerning The Selective Outmigration From Small Cities expo No it simply means that we give a greater value to players than they probably have deserved Take forxample Nolan Ryan Nope never had to hit against him I will admit some idol worship here loved the guybut314 wins with nearly 300 losses the guybut314 wins with nearly 300 losses won a Cy Young Never much Above500 Yes A Dominating Pitcher Yes a dominating pitcher the one on one matchups but not uite the world s greatest as pretty much reflected in the HOF vote Hall of famer YES Emphatically Best pitcher The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz ever Not so much So. Over who's really great and who falls just short who doesn't get the respect he deserves and who gets too much In other words who's overrated and who's underrated In The Stark Truth baseball analyst writer and researcher Jayson Stark of ESPN considers thentire history of professional baseball and picks the most overblown and underappreciated players in the history of the game His results based on xtensive research. ,

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