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Excellent story telling Hole isn t one of Chase s Best But I Wouldn T Call It A Write books but wouldn t call it a write either The plot starts off at a medium pace and carries on that way till the final uarter where things really pick up If you stick till the final uarter never that difficult with this author you will be rewarded The final leg of the story is brilliant My only critiue for this book is it s a bit dissatisfying Elaborating on this would be a spoiler Recommended for Chase fans but if you re trying this brilliant author for the first time you might do better. Ex army musketry trainer Jay Benson and his wife Lucy's dream of running a shooting school turns sour as the

school heads towards 
heads towards closure They need money uickly and a Reading one of his other books This was fairly mediocreSeveral times while reading It I Thought That I thought that had read elements of this story in several of Chase s other novelsIt was a relief when it finally came to an endand even the ending had been used in another of his books I found it in my father s bookshelf a few years ago As soon as I started I ust couldn t let go of it the plotting is marvelous the story is so gripping you can t hold your nerves The ending may disappoint but you will never forget it I finished it in like 3 days definitely worth. Ot of it At the eleventh hour Augusto Savanto head of a vast corporation in Venezuela walks into their lives with a proposition they can scarcely refuse he will pay them 50000. Like a Hole in the HeadIt Bought it yesterday finished it today Chase really KNOWS TO HOOK YOU FROM THE FIRST PARAGRAH how to you from the first paragrah characters are not always very complex but within a sometimes simplistic psychological frame their interactions keep the story moving forward and his fluid style keeps you readingThat s enough for me to enjoy a book and not all books have that I m currently trying to read some heroic fantasy whose author could learn a few things from ChaseGenerally I think Chase is underrated as a stylist and some of his best work is as good as Chandler or Hammett. To turn his son into an expert marksman in nine days Desperate for money they Accept The Challenge But Find the challenge but find in a deadly game of ruthless vendettas and vengeful murde.

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