Gideon's Month (E–pub/E–book) ó J.J. Marric

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The Sorcerer Heir gI read my first Inspector Gideon mystery Gideon s Day 5 or 6 years ago And while I ve accumulated 3 or 4 books in the series I ve kind of avoidedetting back to them My Loss Really Gideon S Month By JJ really Gideon s Month by JJ aka John Creasey is the 4th book in the series We find

gideon now the 
now the of Scotland Yard s Criminal Investigation Division spending the month running the CID #all over London working various cases moving and manipulating his personnel like chess pieces to try and et a hold on # over London working various cases moving and manipulating his personnel like chess pieces to try and et a hold on varied criminal cases that are in the forefront of his scheduleIt s an interesting very matter of fact police procedural We follow Gideon we follow various of his investigators who are working on the applicable cases and also the people who are the victims and or the instigators of the crimesThere is Frisky Lee an arch nemesis from Gideon s past a man that Gideon has never been able to catch who is moving to Australia and who Gideon wants to sort out before he departs There is a child crime ring young children being taught to be pick pockets by their mothers This case strikes a chord with Gideon and his investigators who have strong feelings about child abuse There is the nurse caretaker who seems to be killing off elder Memorable Quotations Eleanor Roosevelt gentlemen toet their money This is investigated by Inspector Marr another interesting character And there are other cases that Gideon follows encourages his men to push forward and to try and solve the casesIt s a month in the life an interesting look at the criminals the investigators and how the proceed to try and solve the crimes in their hands I liked it very much and won t wait so long to try another of the Gideon series 35 stars It is the merry month of May and the Yard has uite a bit on its plate There is the death of a major underworld figure who was planning to emigrate to Australia and a rash of minor crimes involving young children These are the main cases but there are also a number of others including a man who may have murdered his wife and one who is definitely planning to Add in a missing irl and a woman who kills the men she is looking after when she has finally finished stealing from them and you have uite a plateful Not Gideon's calendar is smudged with the details of brazen and bizarre crimes happenin. .
Gideon's Month

J.J. Marric Þ 9 read & download

E to solve each of these cases before the month is outAs I mentioned in my previous Marric read I a couple of the month is outAs mentioned in my previous Marric read I read a couple of of this police procedural series early in my mystery reading career and remember liking them However these last two Gideon s Power and now Gideon s Month haven t one down uite as well I realize that a policeman s lot is a very busy one and that real life does not allow the police to focus on only one crime at a time but trying to realistically represent the day or week or month of a policeman in a very short paperback novel 169 pages this time round produces a very scattered and yet cluttered effect Few of the crimes Modie And The Power Of The Bell Keys get the attention they deserve and very little of the actual detectingets recounted For the most part Marric is telling us all about it rather than letting Gideon and his colleagues show us Gideon oes in to the officevarious phones ring and in the conversations we learn the details There isn t much footwork and spadework oing on before our eyes It s not uitebut almostlike reading the police reports Not very exciting stuff And thenthe most attention is devoted to the story of one of the children who has been pressed into pickpocket service by his mother Reading the details of that abusive relationship certainly didn t increase the book s appeal for me Fortunately since the book is over 50 years old those details aren t uite as raphic as they might be in a modern novel I can do without child endangerment stories Two starsThis review was first posted on my blog My Reader s Block Please reuest permission before reposting Thanks Great book Lots of interwoven mini mysteries wrapped up nicely in one novel Recommend The focus in this installment is on families Commander Gideon is convinced there is a school for training child pickpockets but Scotland Yard can t find it We follow the suspenseful story of one of the boys In addition there is than one ill fated wife they just weren t careful of the men who swept them off their feet And a crime lord who has frustrated Gideon for years ends up murdered before Gideon can latch onto him Have enjoyed others in the series but I can still sit down and enjoy a Gideon book. Housekeeper Gideon has to solve the crimes before the month and his job are histor. .
Verything is wrapped up neat and tidy at the end of "the book which in fact is the case with real police work Besides Gideon and Inspector Lemaitre several other officers of "book which in fact is the case with real police work Besides Gideon and Inspector Lemaitre several other officers of law play Prominent Roles In Various Cases So We roles in various cases so we the feeling of policing being of a team effort then the work of one man This the fourth book in the series was an enjoyable read It s easy to say this is just another in a long series of mysteries with Gideon as the protagonist But that facile description would not do them justice at all And after all justice is what Gideon is after Each work is a em unto itself and I am relishing them all in the order in which they were written by the extremely prolilfic JJ Marric Chief Superintendent Gideon of Scotland Yard juggles several cases during the month in uestion Marric spins the tales telling us just as much as we need to know about each story line and we readers enjoy trying to deduce either the who the when the how or the motive of the many crimes small and large I look forward to the next book in the series Not a mystery fan but I am a fan of this book and the Gideon series written by John Creasey under the Marric name Many have claimed these to be the best of the police procedural books Don t know but they are the only procedural series I have tried that I respect Creasey was slow bringing in characterization but once he did he was off and running It ain t The Allen House great literature but it is areat mystery novel creasey s ideon As the title indicates Gideon s Month by J J Marric aka John Creasey #Covers A Month S Work # a month s work work for Commander George Gideon s and the policemen who with and for him The month s caseload includes everything from a housekeeper who knocks off elderly men faster than the sisters in Arsenic Old Lace to a pickpocket school that trains children of 6 8 years of age to lift billfolds with all the dexterity of a horde of young Houdinis There are young women with new husbands plotting their demise a missing child and the murder of underworld criminal who had purportedly one straight but Gideon s not buying it Especially since the widow is too frightened to talk about what really happened Gideon and his men manag. G all around the city From an army of children led by a modern Fagin to a homicidal.