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T because he himself s the killer Jack heads for the governor s mansion where he and his father face off about the mpending execution Insisting he cannot provide proof of the man s nnocence because of client confidentiality personally I would have broken t mmediately self serving lawyer ethics be damned Jack Child Of War Rising Son is unable to convince his father to callt offShift to a few years later as Jack manages to get a killer

confession thrown out and the releases Goss a vicious killer Then Goss s killed and the governor and Jack are being setup for his murder Usually n a case like This The Premise Is Undermined By Illogical the premise Scribbling is undermined byllogical of the characters Grippando has avoided that by making the rationale for why Jack and his father can t communicate uite plausibleThe best legal dramas have great courtroom scenes Unfortunately the courtroom scenes were but a small portion of the book The plot Infected Will You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse isngenious and tricky although how the killer manages to be After The Fall in some of those places had me buffaloed And I knocked off a star for a ludicrous ending I had hoped for something much subtle andntelligent I enjoyed this novel than I thoug. Clients a man Jack believes Jane S Gift isnnocent to die n the "electric chairBut when a psychopath bent on serving his own twisted version of justice places both "chairBut when a psychopath bent on serving his own twisted version of justice places both and Harry n extreme jeopard.

James Grippando à 2 Summary

Ht I would There are a lot of comparisons to John Grisham I ve read two of Grisham s novels and I found that I liked Grippando than Grisham However based on Goodreads reviews a lot of Grisham fans were not too Erin The Fire Goddess Betrayal impressed by this novelI like how The Pardon was not black and white You had a man accused of murder butt s not clear f this man was guilty There are another
but t s not clear they are relatedI liked the main character Jack and his sense of humour He may not be the most likeable character but I enjoyed reading about his not so great relationship with his girlfriend and his almost non relationship with his fatherIn a way I also enjoyed the mind games that the murderer created and how he set things up I liked getting a glimpse created and how he set things up I liked getting a glimpse his mind and seeing why he did the things that he didI knocked t down a star because t seemed to wrap up a bit too nicely and too conveniently I was hoping for a bit detective work by Jack to About Desire identity the mad manI m excited to read of this series Good but not exceptional John Grisham has nothing to worry about readers not buying his booksbut buying James Grippando snstead. Y the two have nowhere to turn but to each other Together they must find a way to overcome their cunning tormentor's manipulation even as the stakes are being raised to far perilous heigh. The Pardon