Smooth Irish (Weldon, #2) (EPUB)

Up the enthusiasm to read the second book in the series Smooth Irish and boy am I glad I didSmooth Irish Is The Story Of is the story of Weldon and Nan Miller the older brother and best riend of Wild Irish s hero and heroine Jesse and Alexi respectively It s not necessary to read Wild Irish in order to understand what happens in Smooth Irish This book stands on its own uite wellUnlike Wild Irish Ms Saints builds the sexual tension between Jackson and Nan rather than have them succumb early and mate like rabbits or the rest of the book early and mate like rabbits or the rest of the book s and Nan s personalities and lives are polar opposites Jackson is content to drift through life without a plan or commitments Nan eels her life is wasted unless she s striving to achieve a goal Nan has even made a list of the reuirements or the perfect man and Jackson doesn t it the bill except or the intense sexual attraction she eels towards himNan and Jackson dated or a short period of time after they met at Jesse and Alexi s wedding Although Nan broke things off when it became clear Jackson was only interested in a sexual relationship she can t stop thinking about him She s reluctant to act on the attraction and exorcises her sexual demons by keeping a diary of the antasies she has involving Jackson The diary entries are bodice rippers but entertaining nonetheless Jackson s reaction upon discovering the book of antasies was delightful in many ways He has the reaction one would expect rom a guy but he also praises Nan or how well written and emotionally engaging they areWhat I enjoyed most about this book was watching Nan and Jackson evolve as individuals and as a couple Nan learned to become laid back and Jackson realized structure and order hold a certain appealOverall I heartily recommend Smooth Irish I m so glad I gave this author another try. On the phoneCan't you eel me I'm right up against you Feel the heat My hands on youmy mouthShe shivered The creamy watered silk walls crown molding and plush carpet contrasted sharply with her soggy bedraggled state and she turned to ace him eeling like a swamp rat He'd moved closer and her chest landed smack up against his hot very male body“Where are we” Drawing back she teetered dropping his coat “Backstage of the ballroom and just where we need to be He grinned and settled his hands on her Hips When He Spoke When he spoke deep voice rumbled right to her core and set off a series of delicious uakes It's been a while sugar A long while You hung up too soon last week We didnt get to the good part”Nan tried to stop the uakes of desire rom spreading by clenching her stomach muscles It didn't help Jackson let his shoulders rest on the door behind him and drew her between his jeans clad booted legs She didn't have to look to know how his jeans it or how his leather boots gleamed Not a thing about his dark Irish looks and southern bad boy manners had changed“Yes a long while” she whispered past the lump in her throa. Friend the heroine rom the irst book but Nan knows he is not the man she is looking or no commitment type but Nan knows he is not the man she is looking or no commitment type s a nurse and is goal and list oriented but there is this pesky chemistry between themSlowly we ind out that the hero Jackson walked away rom being a doctor after his wife died and there are enough hints given though no one knew it his wife was pregnant he eels responsible hence he has closed himself off rom his amily Nan refuses to put up with it she saw guilt destroy her ather and her mother as wellHe of course wises up Jackson is great He s a hot singing Eric Clapton like black Irish man who is lost refuses to settle after he loses his wife unborn baby in a car accident 4 years prior that he blames himself orNan is a nurse who has her life goals planned out This to me makes her seem cold rigid even though the author is going or a warm caregiver type She has a short story book of antasies she writes keeps under her pillowSince Nan is Alexi s Jackson s sister in law best riend she is invited to the amily eventsparties She is trying to avoid Jackson since she l Didn t live up to book oneAll this couple seemed to have interest in together was sex I didn t uite understand alling in love They both irritated me They had little in common and resolved what they agonized over through 80% of the book very uickly Hoping book 3 is better What a difference a seuel makes I read the irst book in the Weldon Series Wild Irish and really didn t care or it that much I m ar rom being a prude so it wasn t THE EROTIC CONTENT THAT COLORED MY erotic content that colored my The plot was so limsy that a orceful exhale would have knocked it to the ground I elt like author Jennifer Saints regurgitated every erotic scene she Had Ever Imagined In ever imagined in lifetime and then called it a book It took me months to work. Eather jacket pushed her umbrella aside and leaned in close“You bait a nice hook sugar”“You You Peeping Tom” Her search or something sophisticated and deadly to say izzled as ridiculous“Careful You're giving me ideas or a new profession”She didn't have a chance to reply before his leather jacket descended over her head and his strong arm encircled her“Tell me how sorry I am later sugar” He plucked the inverted umbrella rom her popped it back right and held it before them as he propelled them toward the back door of the yacht club not the least daunted by the storm's ury But then Nan didn't think much got past Jackson's thick wall She gritted her teeth irritated Both the timing of Jackson's appearance and the man were too welcome or her peace of mindShe tingled rom the heat of his arm about her the eel of his lean hard body next to her and the tangy scent of musk and leather enveloping her“Here we go” He hustled her into a lit hallwayAnxious to rid herself of his scent she slid his coat off Cool air assaulted making her too aware of the heat rom his body behind her touching her like he'd said. Another Scrumptious Weldon Not uite as good as the irst book

still a good read A slow to the start but then it came around in the endbig time I loved Jackson but Nan took some time to grow on me She was too set in her ways and she had this journal where she wrote down had this journal where she wrote down antasies and of course the author had to share them with us just not my thing Once the two of them ind their way to each other they set the sheets on ire Jackson is such a giver he gives and gives and gives He Even Takes Nan For A takes Nan or a on his motorcycle and let s her rev his throttlevroom vroom He is not without issues and years earlier lost his wife to a tragic accident The journey to orgive himself move on and his amily s involvement to bring him back to the living is what is at the heart of this story It drove the plot and gave the story some nice depth Nan inally lays it on the line or Jackson and when she does my respect or her took a huge leap She got a backbone and that s when I became her riend The story is uite predictable and even though you know what s coming it had a airly good emotional impact The Weldon amily as whole has a greater role in this book and I love the amily dynamic of this Irish amily Jesse and Alexi s side story was very sweet I enjoyed them so much in the irst book and I was happy to see where life had taken them I would love to see James and Jared with a book or books of their own Unfortunately I can t seem to ind where the author has given any indication that the series will continue So if you re listening Jennifer SaintsI begging you PLEASE PLEASE give me some Weldon brothers This was a decent book about the eldest Weldon brother who has kind of been drifting ever since he came back our years ago after the death of his wife and he has been pursuing NanAlexi s best. Four years ago a tragedy made Jackson Weldon turn his back on life He wanted nothing than doing a gig with his guitar every now and then to put a sandwich on his plate and gas in his tank But a ew dates with Nan Miller several months ago had him inally wanting something Her in his bed Only she walked before that happened and his hunger or her alone has grown until he can't think of anything but herNan has lived her life by a plan and she isn't about to mess it up by getting involved with a man going nowhere That's why she walked out on Jackson seventy one days ago Only she can't get him out of her mind or escape him in her dreams night or day So when he comes riding in on his Harley again she wonders if she should take him up on his offer or an uninhibited weekend But their no strings ride leads them both to an end that changes everything they ever believed they wanted or deserved out of lifeExcerptLightning briefly illuminated the strong curve of his stubble rough jaw devilish smile and raven's wing hair whipping in the wind Damn the man had no right to look so sexy in the middle of hell He stripped off his black .
Smooth Irish (Weldon, #2)

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