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Een a book like It Gets Better when they were a teenager Not just people who contributed to this book itself but people I talk to in real life Better late than never right This book fulfills its purpose perfectly as I am 100% convinced that it will and it does get better While not superb in its structuring there is a bit of redundancy and some of the stories are on the weaker side writing wise GLBT teenagers will easily relate to the trials and tribulations of growing up faced by the past generationI am forever grateful to Dan Savage and Terry Miller for editing this book and creating the inspiring and amazing It Gets Better Project I ope one day as an adult to make a video myself and also write A BOOK THAT WILL HELP THE FIGHT FOR GLBT book that will Let Go Live Free Of The Burdens All Women Know help the fight for GLBT posted from my blog the uiet voice For roughly three years of my teenaged life I was the target of anti gay bullying The fact that I am uiteeterosexual did nothing to alleviate it in fact the bullies The Comte De Gabalis Secrets Of The Elementals Forgotten Books harassed my girlfriend too just for good measure Granted it wasn t nearly as bad as it couldave been The main instigator was as cowardly as The Boundaries Of Judaism he was stupid ande lost much of is power to intimidate when e backed out of a surprise opportunity to settle things one on one outside of school one that I was than The Valentine Wedding Dress happy to take advantage of Bute always First I am not the target audience so my response differs from the true intent of the authors Still I probably would Love Me If You Must have given the book a 35 if allowedwhile I didn t LOVE the book I can see myself recommending it under the right circumstances What I chiefly took away is that if you re gay and survive middle andigh school you will be wildly successful and blissfully appy The key to all of this is to come out Then you will meet people who love you and do something amazing Wow I never knew it was so simple I thought there was a disproportionate number of essays written by those successful in the arts and not a lot from people living ordinary lives though it may be the class reunion syndrome Could be that these were the people likely to respond to the It Gets Better cause if you re working as a waiter and living alone you might be less inclined to go on the internet and brag about your awesome life But no one in the service industry No retail moguls or airdressers No businessmen or women There was one essay from a woman who owned a farm that sticks with me She was one of the few still living in rural America and er unapologetic practical view was refreshing Pieces from a former bully and a Columbine survivor were both very well done But the other essay that stood out most for me was from David SedarisA gay fourteen year old in the year 2010 even one living In The Smallest Of Towns Must Surely Know That He the smallest of towns must surely know that e not the only Shinobu Kokoro Hidden Heart V 1 homosexual on earth He might need reminding though that all the best people are tormented in juniorigh school If they re not getting arassed for being gay they re bound to get it for being too smart too loud or too independent It s always something and then you get older and things change for the betterThis is the clearest picture of the bullying culture included in the book While LGBT kids are a specific targeted group torture between kids is complex and widespread than that I also loved is closing thoughtIt elps too to keep a diary of the many injustices you ve suffered and later turn them into stories You can t do anything with people being nice to you People being awful though that s gold and mine it while you can I guess this book is good If you re a gay white male that s willing to sit tight and endure until you it collegeHonestly though out of about thirty stories I only remember one being by a trans person and it didn t really address the specific issues that trans youth ave I also only remember a few stories with bisexual or pansexual authors and I don t remember any mentioning being a person of colorBasically while it did ave plenty of stories about it getting better for people this book could Dear Diary I M Pregnant Teenagers Talkabout Their Pregnancy have been a lot better if theread been diversity and information on ow to make it better for yoursel. Ryday people who ave posted videos of encouragement as well as new contributors We can show LGBT youth the Handwriting Problems In The Secondary School happiness potential and positivity their lives willave if they can get through their teen years It Gets Better reminds teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone and it WILL get better. Cluding myself I picked this up The Practical Guide To Calligraphy hoping it would be a little pick me up read and I was curious to seeow the two editors managed to narrow down thousands of videos into a simple collectionThe greatest thing this collection manages to achieve is to supply the reader with a diverse array of stories and voices We The Ocean Of Truth The Story Of Sir Isaac Newton have people both straight and gay cis and trans famous and unknown young and old But beyond those dichotomies weave a solid mix of race religion and experience It s mostly guaranteed that you will find someone who relates to you The Power Of Positive Thinking here The best part about this read for me was coming across a couple of people who shared thoughts that Iad kept in the recesses of my mind things I thought no one else could empathize with And it was absolutely eartwarming earing people express similar Lebe Deine Liebe 01 hopes and fearsOf course there are some stinkers inere Most of these come from the political figures included such as President Obama They are nice in sentiment but in general are so vague and constructed to offer up much The Original Sin help The best stories are the personal ones ingrained with detail and brimming with emotion Those are the ones that will move you shake you and comfort you Luckily there are dozens of them includedere Thanks to our son Lawrence and son in law Teddy my Holy Bible Niv Compact Thinline Bible husband and I speak up for our family on page 240 Just learned that thisardcover sampling of over 10000 Youtube videos made for the It Gets Better project The Voyages Of The Venetian Brothers To The Northern Seas In The Xi Vth Century hasit the NY Times bestseller list Could not be pleased All proceeds to anti bullying non profits folksI invite you to TAKE THE PLEDGE Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are I pledge to spread this message to my friends family and neighbors I ll speak up against Grace On Fire hate and intolerance whenever I see it at school and at work I ll provideope for lesbian gay bi trans and other bullied teens by letting them know that It Gets Better This is Look Inside An Igloo heartbreaking The fact that it even needed to be written is so sad I guess mainly because I look at myappy lovely wonderful little son know that someday Khalsa And The Punjab Studies In Sikh History To The 19th Century he s going to teased because of something or other Someone is going to try to makeim feel bad about something that Misalliance And The Fascinating Foundling he is or does This book gets repetetive after awhile but I am not a gay teen so I suppose I didn t read it out of the necessity of absolutelyaving to to Jezebel The Untold Story Of The Bible S Harlot Queen hear over over again and to know my teen years wereellish but look at me now Either it gets better or you just get stronger And I Imperial Rome hope that someone somewhere that needs that message gets it Becauseonestly A Love In Disguise high school was no picnic for me either but it s just four years of your life It seems so far away these days and I get so much relief out of that fact Dan Savage started a video campaign on YouTube called It Gets Better in response to numerous teen suicides by LGBT youth His initial idea was to get 100 LGBT adults to post video testimonials on the It Gets Better channel toelp teens believe that their lives are worth living and elp them get through the difficult teen years His video campaign was an unualified success and within a couple of days there were than 100 videos and within a week or so there were 1000 videos posted The YouTube channel is still going strongI Give The Book 5 Stars the book 5 stars would give Dan Savage and is idea 1000 stars if I could The book Teach Me has an introduction by Dan Savage explainingis idea and the reason behind it The majority of the book are the transcribed messages of some of the people who ave contributed to the project including President Obama Hillary Clinton David Sedaris Ellen Degeneres and many others both famous and unknown The introduction of the book tells a compelling story and I think it should be reuired reading for all teenagers I made my own kids read it The message is universal you can swap out LGBT with any other
Group That Is Marginalized 
that is marginalized teased or regarded with suspicion and the message remains the same The stories told are interesting and share a wide varieties of experiencesThumbs up The fact that this book exists makes me appy It really doesI know so many people who wish that there Shri Guru Granth Sahib Vol 1 Of 4 Formatted For Educational Interest Forgotten Books had Were bullied in school syndicated columnist Dan Savage uploaded a video to YouTube withis partner Terry Miller to inspire ope for LGBT youth The video launched the 'It Gets Better Project' initiating a worldwide phenomenon This is a collection of expanded essays and new material from celebrities and eve. .

When I was a deeply closeted college student the It Gets Better Project eld tremendous power Throughout my senior year I would watch the videos in my room with eadphones so my roommate wouldn t kno Here is the easiest way to save someone s life Really I m not exaggeratingThanks to the generation we live in we ave access to interactive media and real people resources that can provide the essential information and support that can save a person s life Being a teenage omosexual or aving gender identity or perceptions issues as never been and isn t now easy But "even a decade ago these kids suffered in total isolation either ashamed to "a decade ago these kids suffered in total isolation either ashamed to their concerns in an effort to find a listener or bullied and abused for trying Here finally we ave a media package book youtube videos and website where kids can finally safely go to get the support they need Virtually every conceivable gender concern is represented except ueerspawn the only flaw from the testimonies of celebrities to college students to the freaking PRESIDENT Again and again every page pounds the reader with It gets better and in any other type of book that would get annoying But Toby Wheeler Eighth Grade Benchwarmer here the reader needs toear it on every page from every perspective It almost puts one in a transcendental plane all these
Totally Different Stories That 
different stories that essentially the same story that everyone suffers in Ta For Kids high school but the good thing isigh school ALWAYS ends Most igh schoolers can t see that far ahead and is it possible no one s told them this before Five kids that we know for sure committed suicide in late 2010 due to gender issues so I don t think they eard I ave for sure committed suicide in late 2010 due to gender issues so I don t think they eard I Training Tomorrow S Psychiatrist have uote David Sedaris becausee s so good at saying everything all the best people are tormented in junior Love Among The Artists high school If they re not gettingarassed for being gay they re bound to get it for being too smart too loud or too independent It s always something and then you get older and things change for the betterThis is not to say that every Nightfall homosexual automatically gets whate or she dreams of that would be too fairIt elps too to keep a diary to record the many injustices you ve suffered and later turn them into stories You can t do anything with people being nice to you People being awful though that s gold so mine it while you canSara Sperling s contribution is also especially compelling A lesbian mother of a young daughter Sperling makes er plea not just for the good of the reader but also the needs of the coming generation She says I need you young peopleto stay around I need you to make this world a better place for my daughter I don t want Blackmailed By The Boss her to ever ever think twice about telling people that sheas two moms So if you re out there and you re struggling I need you to stay around I need your Capture The Flag help I need you to be your authentic self and make this world better for my little girl And finally transgender Kate Bornstein finishes the book with the argument that anything ANYTHING is a better choice than suicide as long as you aren t mean If it sopping a flight to China that s better If it s engaging in illegal activities getting Agrarian Society Of The Punjab 1849 1901 highaving illicit sex it s still better Not the advice you re likely to get from your school guidance counselor but I dare you to say she s wrong So Hammy House Of Horror here s what you can do You can read this book andor visit the website wwwitgetsbetterorg You can contact the Trevor Project at 1 866 4 U TREVOR or thetrevorprojectorg for volunteerdonation options You can advocate for the formation of a GayStraight Alliance in your local junior origh school Or you can be the kind of adult kids can recognize as a person who will listen support and love unconditionally you can provide a safe place and search out other safe places that kids can live their authentic self your Confucianism Taoism Religion Scripture Spirituality home your public library your local theatre etc At the very least you can spend about 20 to buy this book and give it to your library or your community s local middle junior origh school You can insist they keep it in circulation You can do that The It Gets Better campaign The Birth House haselped millions of ueer youth across the world in. Growing up isn't easy Many young people endure bullying that makes them feel they Famous Fairy Tales have nowhere to turn especially LGBT kids and teens who oftenide their sexuality for fear of being bullied Without openly gay mentors they don't know what the future may old After a number of suicides by LGBT students who. ,
It Gets Better