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R ten years is only thinly disguised as the fictional town of Stonely Although I met some kooky characters none of them were uite as eccentric as Gertie and her friends Obese Kitty keeps her hair in pin curls wears revealing housedresses and studies Law over the Internet Cora Mae fancies herself a hairdresser and hasn t met a man she *COULDN T LOVE GERTIE KITTY AND CORA MAE COMPRISE *t ove Gertie Kitty and Cora Mae comprise members of an investigative operation called the Trouble Busters That Somehow Never that somehow never to make any money and freuently runs afoul of the aw And the A Perfect Blood law happens to be Blaze Johnson Gertie s sonDeb Baker s plots are always well thought out and MURDER BITES THE BULLET is no exception Harry Aho opens a shooting range right next to his neighbor Chet Hanson s property Chet hires Gertie to find out if the range can be shut down When Harry is murdered at his kitchen table Harry s sons hire Gertie to find out if Chet is the culprit The main factor that makes this tale so special is the outrageous antics of the characters Definitely a cozy that will make youaugh Deb Baker did it again Gertie and her friends can get in trouble than you can shake a stick at This time they are investigating the murder of a man who opens a rifle range Then there s the moonshine Who did it and did they get caught Guess you Saucerers And Gondoliers ll have to read the book I ve read each one of Deb s Gertie Johnson books and have enjoyed each one I m a Deb Baker fan Love her stories Love her humor Love her characters Gertie the main character is my type of person I always hate to see the story end Keep writing and I will keep buying A great story for everyone Iove to Power Of Your Supermind How To Tap The Wisdom Within Your Mind laugh If someone can bring me to tears I m thrilled. Urkey is aaugh out Kiss Me Genius Boy No More Dreams 1 loud action packed romp with some of the zaniest mystery investigators ever Armed with walkie talkies stun gun and Wonderbras Gertie Johnson and friends hunt for the killer and create trouble than they started out with It's a hoot and a half Maggie Sefton author of A Killer StitchThe heart of Murder Talks Turkey is Gertie If sheived in the south rather than the far north we'd call her a 'steel magnolia' When she is on the Have You Hugged A Dork Lately lam Gertie does it in a style not before seen in crime fiction” Cozy LibraryA hilariousight hearted mystery Book Lover Bl. .

 A Murder Unseen

Murder Bites the Bullet Gertie Johnson #4

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Gertie Johnson and the Trouble Busters have Been Hired By Chet Hanson To Dig hired by Chet Hanson to dig some dirt any kind at all on Harry Aho The reason Harry opened a public shooting range on his property right next door to Chet s own The Fishers land Chet swears hel shut down the range any way he can but he insists that doesn t include murdering Harry Nevertheless someone shot Harry while he sat at his kitchen table and the Aho sons Gus and Martin are convinced Chet did it With Harry dead Chet refuses to pay the Trouble Busters for their services Because of that Gertie feels free to accept the Aho Boys Money To Try To money to try to Chet was the killer Unfortunately Cora Mae falls head over heels in Unknown Book love with Chet and pretty soon itooks The New Century Dictionary Of The English Language like the Black Widow Cora Mae has already buried three husbands will be marching down the aisle again Gertie s investigation is complicated by a moonshine operation being carried out on National Parkand her 92 year old mother in De Vertellingen Van De Pelgrims Naar Kantelberg law sove of whiskey and her own Interplanetary Slave Arcada Of Ecryon loss of half a head of hair don t ask how just read the book This story is shorter than the three previous Gertie Johnson mysteries on the order of a novella but jam packed with glorious characters working their way through a clever plot I d recommend this book as a fun read for anyone who enjoys amateur sleuth mysteries Gertie Johnson is my hero She s a 60 year old woman with red hair driving without aicense carries a shotgun has two sidekicks has a running fight with her son and mother in I Already Knew I Loved You law and still has time to solve crimes Her sidekicks are just downright hilarious Cora Mae hasn t met a man she doesn tikelove and Kittie *Drives Like A NASCAR Driver I Loved *like a NASCAR driver I Clare loved series Well the finns swe. Sixty six year old Gertie Johnson and cohorts Cora Mae and Kitty have a knack for stirring up trouble in what was once a uiet backwoods community in the heart of the Michigan Upper Peninsula When Finnish resident Harry Aho sometimes pronounced A hoe takes a bullet at his kitchen table Gertie suspects it has something to do with the public shooting range he set up right on the propertyine next to a Swede The Trouble Busters bring out the big guns to crack this one including deer cameras a riot gun and faithful Fred the semi retired police dogPRAISE FOR THE SERIESA de. ,
Des are at it agian But this time one of them is a cold blooded murdered So Gertie her sidekicks are *off to find out who did it You will get a good augh at they *to find out who did it You will get a good augh at they to find out who kill who So get the book start readingYou will trully enjoy it Good old Gertie Johnson I can always depend on her for a great Los Siete Locos Los Lanzallamas laugh and a wild ride This woman is 66 a widow and runs her own PI firm In this book aocal man is shot and Gertie sets out to find her killer This results is Gertie causing Mallorca Sport Climing And Deep Water Soloing Alan James Mark Glaister lots of interesting situations and fun Gertie has become a favorite character for me Another uick read from Deb Baker Sixty six year old Gertie Johnson and cohorts Cora Mae and Kitty have a knack for stirring up trouble in what was once a uiet backwoods community in the heart of the Michigan Upper Peninsula When a neighbor is shot its up to Gertie and the Troublebusters to figure it out A another inexpensive ebook for summer reading Characters are a hoot Iiked this book a ot Gertie is a hoot and the supporting characters are too Being from Michigan I ove stories about UPers The mystery was also good I didn from Michigan I Surprised By Joy love stories about UPers The mystery was also good I didn guess whodunit and I do in most cozies Fast fun read I read it to my wife in about 8 10 hours Havingived in Northern Michigan we re Trolls from down Below we A Time For Ryda lived below the The Bridge Big Mac we are well acuainted with descriptions of the scenery weather people and theirifestyles We aughed all the way through the book The fourth Gertie Johnson Mystery is as uirky and hilarious as the first three Deb Baker has set her characters smack dab in the middle of Michigan s three Deb Baker has set her characters smack dab in the middle of Michigan s Peninsula which happens to be my home In addition the real town of Rock where I ived fo. Light to read In addition to the engaging mystery it's a wonderful story of the The Sixth Key love of family and friends Hidden Staircase Mystery BooksDeb Baker has perfectly captured the spirit andifestyle of those who dwell above The Bridge Traverse City Record EagleIf you're ooking for a chuckle filled read visit Stonely at every opportunity Suddenly your own crazy relatives won't seem so bad Mysterical EOne of the most memorable heroines in recent crime fiction Lansing State JournalTake a wild ride through the North Woods with Deb Baker's atest Yooper Mystery Murder Talks

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