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This was a high octane use paper than all of Little Dorrit last year combined boil your brain experience I feltike there might be a space for improvement in the way I think about my career and so I went on #An Adventure Of Reading This Book In 4 Short DaysYou #adventure of reading this book in 4 short daysYou at the design of the book oot of almost empty pages but then when you get through the basic theory on the first 50 pages you hit the exerciseintrospectionreflection vortex of task after task where 2 pages can take 2 hoursI ve had several insights Throughout Reading This Great reading this great But the two argest duh are The job you do needs to overlap with the majority of your interestsstrong abilities just part is not enough You have to focus on the customers read colleagues teams business partners companies and the VALUE that you provide And the value is not the same as the activities you do You are not getting paid for writing code you are getting paid for removing the need and cost of boring manual data entryThe reason I m giving 4 stars is that I feel Vanity Fair like the examples didn t uite match the model ateast not in my head and so I sometimes didn t get a clear message about how I could apply given piece of advice If you want BIG revelations BIG changes BIG insightful career changing thoughtsthen read this bookSome advice1 Get a some pen and paper You Hard Times ll need it I used my phone Google Docs Google Keep Notice and also some other tools I did this mainly because I worked on this book while commuting and on plane travels Ended up filling about 45 pages in the end2 Do the work At some point you will be faced with some tough exercises Do them Even if their result might not be what you truly want to do inife they will teach you to think a certain way You need that3 Keep an open mind At some point I was advised to do the first canvas regarding the services brought to my daily job I kind of kept there for the next 3 or 4 section and then realised that the indication was solely for the respective canvas Don t be The Last Chronicle Of Barset like me Keep an open mind and apply yourself and your dreams to these methods It will be worth it4 Buy it don t rent it Youl want to redo it at some point and it s good to have your own copy for reference BMC is an awesome framework BMC for personal use is a great int. A one page tool to reinvent yourself and your career The global bestseller Business Model Generation introduced a uniue visual way to summarize and creatively brainstorm any business or product idea on a single sheet of paper Business Model You uses the same powerful one page tool to teach readers how to draw personal business models which reveal new ways their skills can be adapted to the. .

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Business Model You A One Page Method for Reinventing Your CareerN skills and values provided The goal is to help each individual identify and maximize what they do best how they do it best and how to best communicate to individual identify and maximize what they do best how they do it best and how to best communicate to customers they want to reach The book can be applicable to those who are job seeking or ooking to start their own businesses I m a big believer in the Lean Startup Canvas which descended from the Business Model Canvas as a way to summarize and challenge a business modelThis book takes the Canvas idea and applies it to the business of your day job or freelance work etcThis big middle section doesn t have anything to do with the Business Model Canvas instead using a variety of unrelated career assessment tools to increase your self knowledge But that s bracketed by the Canvas thinking which I think grounds the whole exerciseOn the downside validating your model is acknowledged as though it s easy to get actionable feedback VIA THE OLD INFO INTERVIEW AS TO WHETHER YOUR the old info interview as to whether your is actually sellable I think that s always the biggest challenge Business Model You A One page Method for reinventing your career by Tim ClarkI m reaching that age that we start wondering what if That st why I m reallly enjoying reading this book It s a kind of a dream planner You ook inside you and try to truly search for your deepest goals and valuesThe book incitates you to replace career uncertainty with career confidence by optimizing your potential in a new idea you can also think yourself as a business model Revisit your ife direction and consider how you want to align your personal and career aspirations Adjust or reinvent your work ife using canvas and instructions and earn to make it all happen Try it This book is a great help if you re thinking about changing your career Definitely read it I really iked this book It is thought provoking refreshing and powerful although at times it felt a Gatti Neri Gatti Bianchi littleike trying to get a drink of water from a fire hoseThis book really has the potential to be a game changer in the Over Time lives of individualsooking for be a game changer in the Finding Antarctica Mapping The Last Continent lives of individualsooking for fresh start in their current career or are Requiem Uma Alucinao looking for something brand newHere are my suggestions for reading this book1 Get a journal and set of colored pens2 Read the book slowly and complete every exercise3 Have fun4 Repea. Eir current personal business model Understand the value of their skills in the marketplace and define their purpose Articulate a vision for change Create a new personal business model harmonized with that vision and most important test and implement the new model When you implement the one page tool from Business Model You you create a game changing business model for yourife and career. ,
Epretation Really greatThe book is usefull for anyone especially career consultants and individual coaches I was expecting something that would eave me with one simple page of personal insight i didn t get anything ike insight I didn t get anything ike The author provides a number of very familiar exercises to document personal preferences strengths and weaknesses There were a few not as familiar exercises tying personal weaknesses to ways to overcome including using a partner s or employee s strengths Much of the rest of this book was a m ange of simplified and over simplified business modelling sometimes tied back to a personal model and sometimes not Strangely at times the book used a personal anecdote to illustrate a business model then turned around and used a business ANECDOTE TO ILLUSTRATE A PERSONAL MODEL I FINISHED THE to illustrate a personal model I finished the but I can t tell what the purpose was Was it to build personal models using business models as templates or vice versa You get both from the writing I was very disappointed near the end when the authors described the word profit by saying that the reader may have a bad reaction to the word because it might remind them of used car salesmen or bad business practices Huh Just who are these authors writing this book for People that think business is evil Incredibly bizarre I istened to the audio version of this book I would absolutely not recommend an audio version of this book as there are many I Wish You Were Never Born lists read and one of thearge tables is read using colors This is one of those books that really doesn t The Timekeeper S Son lend itself to an audio production Overall I believe there are plenty of other books on the market that provide similar advice using similar exercises including What Color is Your Parachute which the authors here borrow an exercise from As Iook to s Look Inside for the hardcover version of this book the message does appear to depend on the magazine The Husband She Never Knew like graphics that appear on most pages so readers of the paper version may have a different take But fair warning on the audiobook which comes across as a disjointed mess Easy to read practical tips exercises Business Model You breaks down a basic organizational business model into its component parts walking the reader through a step by step inventory of their ow. Changing needs of the marketplace to reveal new satisfying career andife possibilities Produced by the same team that created Business Model Generation this book is based on the Business Model Canvas methodology which has uickly emerged as the world's eading business model description and innovation techniueThis book shows readers how toUnderstand business model thinking and diagram th. ,