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Sense Of Place European Landscape Photography kEn When I first began reading I thought the book was going to be just a book about the history of the royal families of The Netherlands I was happily surprised that Liesbeth Heenk took me on than just a historical trip however She s done a great job of weaving in stories about how today s modern trends have been embraced by their newing and ueen with a focus on how ueen Maxima has become uite popular because of her embrace of both her country s oldest traditions and today s newest trends glamour fashion social causes etc All this despite ueen Maxima not being a native of The NetherlandsThere is also one chapter that I particulary enjoyed about how this new young monarchy seems to be setting the stage for other European upcoming changes in royalty Belgium Denmark and Spain in particular These are times and the author s done a very nice job of tying in the past with the present and how changes job of tying in the past with the present and how changes in some of the most historically rigid traditions are beginning to give way to some of the modern onesThe writing is refreshingly easy and fun to read even when the relatively young history of The Netherlands royal family is covered in detail As I read I felt like I was sitting down "and listening to a friend chat about something that had happened in their family The author s "listening to a friend chat about something that had happened in their family The author s of and pride for her country clearly shine through in this book and I definitely recommend Us and it really helps me connect with the story.. Simple easy read As someone with an interest in royalty I was let down because I thought it would mainly focus on Maxima but it covered so many others that it "WAS NOT A BOOK PRIMARILY ABOUT "not a book primarily about I understand giving some background information on the others in the family and leading up to where they are not but this was bit much Or maybe the title and summary need to be changed I picked this up on a whim when it was recently free on I Ve Always Had ve always had fascination with Things Royal So This Royal so this a uick way to learn a little something about ueen Maxima and Dutch royalty The majority of the book does NOT focus on her so I felt like the title is misleading There is a good bit of history about the previous ueen as well as the new King Willem Alexander Maxima s husband There is also a section about Dutch royalty in general and how it has only been in existence since 1815 which I hadn t nown before The section that is about Maxima details her family life in Argentina her infamous father and of course her education and work life before becoming a Royal While Maxima was a commoner she is descended from the line of the Kings of Portugal which I found interesting as well If you re a Royal watcher or just looking for a short read to pass the time at 39 pages this is a uick and easy way to accomplish that My low rating is only for the the length and brevity of information It s currently listed at 495 at an. Best E Book, Reina Máxima de los Países Bajos ,

Liesbeth Heenk ¸ 3 review

D absolutely not worth that price for what you get Opini n El libro sobre la Reina M xima de los Pa ses Bajos es una obra de no ficci n cuyo principal objetivo es informar sobre la Monaru a Holandesa en especial sobre los Reyes actuales y reflexionar es informar sobre la Monaru a Holandesa en especial sobre los Reyes actuales y reflexionar ellos su modo de vida y su reinado Es un libro bastante corto ue se lee r pido y ligero Est plagado de nombres y fechas y un poco de historia Se centra como su t tulo indica en la Reina "m xima y en consecuencia tambi n en "xima y en consecuencia tambi n en Alejandro Con la Reina M xima Liesbeth Heenk nos da a conocer su vida privada profesional antes de conocer al Pr ncipe Guillermo Alejandro y su relaci n con este Y lo mismo con el pr ncipe Todo esto por supuesto es de gran inter s para ignorantes de la cultura y monaru a holandesas sin embargo en mi opini n se repite mucho la misma informaci n Hay algunos cap tulos en los ue el tema principal es algo ue a mi modo de ver incluso ya se hab a explicado antes Cabe destacar algunos problemas ue hay en la edici n en los tipos de las letras y una no muy buena traducci n al espa ol algo ue s ue ser a conveniente hacer bien siendo mejorable Aparte de eso y para terminar felicito el inter s ue me suscit la parte hist rica sobre todo y todo lo ue gracias al libro he aprendido y animo a la autora a mejorar el libro si lo desea Puntuaci n 35 I completely enjoyed reading this book about ueen Maxima the Netherlands newest ue. Y Liesbeth Heenk The way the author shows is geni. ,
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Reina Máxima de los Países Bajos

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