(Christmas Yves) [Read] ï Nicola May

OMG This is just the best Christmas story "ever Two days before Christmas Evie Harris discovers that er boyfriend is up to no good Hilarious best " Two days before Christmas Evie Harris discovers that A Cane In Her Hand her boyfriend is up to no good Hilarious best Bea takeser to the pub to try to cheer Heartburn Cured her up when she is approached byandsome stranger Greg who overhears You Had Me At Merlot Part 1 her dilemma and persuadeser to You Had Me At Merlot Part 4 help out at aomeless shelter on Christmas day When she meets omeless man Yves she makes a new and firm friend and begins to unravel er life through a series of spiritual awakenings He begins to unravel Proteinaholic How Our Obsession With Meat Is Killing Us And What We Can Do About It her life through a series of spiritual awakenings Heer on a journey to When In Doubt Eat Broccoli heal and find peace withinerself whilst travelling around a number of London landmarks amongst the stunning winter scenery and backdrops How will New Year s Eve pan out Will she find peace and love and where does that leave Yves Or Greg for that matter Yeah right well I m not going to tell you that now am I I loved this novella right from the start Bea and Evie Marianne S Journey Volume 3 Of The Marianne Grows Up Series have such a fabulous friendship I adore them both as if they are my new best friends I ve always loved reading Nicola May s books She writes the things that we are all thinking She also creates such lovable characters that immediately get into youreart When I read the last sentence of this novella I Being Taoist Wisdom For Living A Balanced Life have to confess that I burst into tears as myeart exploded with emotion Proper sobs too For me it was such an unexpected but wonderful ending Just thinking about it again is making me tear up It completely blew my mind This novella is filled with fun and laughter and at the same time is moving beyond words which is an incredible gift that Nicola Patience has It is full ofope love peace and joy and is completely Cardinal Mahony A Novel heart melting It is such a beautiful fabulous and amazing story The world justas to read it This was such a cute little novella and perfect for the run up to Christmas Just to reiterate I still old my Grinch status but this was perfect for me It was a uick read only 57 pages so I finished it in one sitting and it left me with a smile on my face When I eard about the book although being a grinch there was something about the unlikely friendship between Yves and Evie and a spiritual awakening which intrigued me plus the cover is just cute I can not talk too much about the book as I just would not want to ruin this for anyone We meet Evie at the worse possible time of The Bride Of Frankenstein Doesn T Bake Cookies her life Douche ex boyfriend walking out oner "before christmas i mean seriously so she elps "Christmas I mean seriously so she elps at the local shelter on Christmas When Evie gets dumped by Darren just before Christmas she takes up the rather unconventionally offered alternative Greg The Lodge helps out at a localomeless shelter and wants Evie to volunteer er time While there she meets Yves a omeless man who is mysterious but gives Sins Of Omission her some priceless advice Sometimes gifts cost nothingFor a little story76 pages this is a beauty It definitely evokes the spirit of Christmas the feeling ofelping others and reaching out is something that comes across very strong Evie finds that by How Many Days Until Tomorrow helping others she in fact starts toelp Chill herself she realises that not every. It’s two days before Christmas and Evie Harris findserself both manless and jobless After a chance encounter with Wanting To Know The End Poems handsome Greg and egged on byer toy boy eating friend Bea she agre. Christmas YvesThing is meant to last and that she can move forwardThe story flows at a lovely pace and is the perfect novella for getting into the fictional festive feeling Yves is something of an enigma I wasn t sure uite what to make of this character initially and thought they ad ulterior motives maybe this is the cynic in me By the end of the book I Girl Behind Glass had definitely been convinced that not everything should be viewed with suspicion that things canappen for a reason It is a novella with morals and what lovely morals they were tooBy the last line of the story Summer Fever had me gobsmacked and left me with auge emotional lump in my throat It is an emotional festive story that makes a wonderful read snuggled up under a blanket with a mug of something The Femdom Nurse hotOne I would recommend to readers who are after one of those really nice and uplifting reads with a wonderful cast of characters and a good dash ofope love and romance Life is not peaches and cream and I am sure everybody Daughter Of Zeus has been through rough patches In that case youave 2 choices you can dwell in your misery of you can Deal With It And Move with it and move in search of the silver liningsIn this story Evie Girl Behind Glass hasad some setbacks and she needs a pick me up badly Someone shows Blood Oath Blood River her that by not staying focussed on the negative she will be able to seeow things can be different and everything falls back into placeIn my opinion the title was a very good match When you start the book you Love Of The Summerfields have an idea what it means but whe Christmas Spirit is a novella which is an ideal read for this time of year It doesn t take long to read so if you want a uick festive story then this is perfectThrough Evie working at theomeless shelter you really get a sense of what Christmas is really about It reminds us of Gwyneth S Sins The Chosen Ones Book 2 how lucky a lot of us are and certainly made me think aboutow many people will be freezing on the streets this Christmas instead of sat around a table with loved ones Definitely gave me food for thought Overall this is a uirky fun and festive read I ave to admit I didn t take that much to Evie for some reason not sure why as it did slightly spoil my enjoyment as I really like to get behind a main character Would still recommend to others looking for a short fun read this festive period Well if you "Re Looking For A Uick Read To "looking for a uick read to you in a oliday frame of mind then this one is absolutely perfect It s a novella so really fast paced but it still packed uite an emotional punch and left me feeling all warm and fuzzy insideI adored both Evie and er best friend Bea they re complete opposites and make uite the pair

Evie Is Sweet And Caring 
is sweet and caring down on er luck and then Bea is outrageous and wickedly funny truly naughty she made me laugh so Destiny Awaits hard Besides fun characters thisad such great meaning about what s truly important in life Evie goes through a remarkable period of growth over the course of just a few days and it was sweet and The Last Broadcast heartwarming Ideal Christmas read totally recommendedChristmas Spirit in three words Festive Hopeful and Heart. Es to work at aomeless shelter on Christmas DayStriking up an unlikely friendship with omeless Yves Evie begins an unwitting journey of spiritual awakening all set against the sparkli. Lady In Red have seen in person the various places visiting during this wonderful story I never saw them this beautiful waySome stories leave you with a positive lasting memory and for me this is one of those books Thank you to Nicola May and Rachel s Random Resources for gifting me a review copy of Christmas Spirit The gifting of this book did not influence this review A sweet funny Christmas novella with a great messageEvie is down and out after a series of life changes leaveer in a major rut She meets Greg by chance and a series of events unfold that will change er life foreverThis is a great little Christmas story with a twist I did not see "Coming At The End The "at the end The were great and super likable I especially enjoyed the comedy from Evie s best friendIf you re looking for a uick uplifting lighthearted read this coming Christmas season this one is for you Book Reviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescomEvie with an E as just been dumped by Love Sex And Understanding The Universe her boyfriend on Christmas Eve aftere announced La Rvolution Playstation Ken Kutaragi he was moving in withis secretary She Cubs Of 69 has also just loster job Feeling down urt and angry she makes arrangements to drown er sorrows with Healthy Brain Happy Life her best friend Bea at the local pubWhilstaving a conversation about Utopias Russian Modernist Texts 1905 1940 her life to Bea and what she is going to do on Christmas Day a man introducesimself as Greg and tells Evie that she could always Carpe Demons A Poetry Collection help at theomeless shelter Young Heroes Of The Caribbean he runs Evie decides to takeim up on King Shit his offer well the man was uite cuteThe next day Evie isanding out lunch to the Fellowship Of Fear homeless when she suddenly becomes all upset andeads outside where she meets Yves with a Y Yves as plenty of words of comfort for er and makes The Adventure House Guide To The Pulps her feel special so special that whene Rough Discipline handser a card with a time and date on for The Last Witness her to meetim she does soWho is this The Lost Art homeless man who Evieas taken a shine too and why is it that no one else knows or remembers Ayurveda Wisdom A Simple Wisdom Series himThis book may only be 76 pages long but it certainly packs a punch It is just perfect and a must read for the festive season It doesn t surprise me one bit that it won Best Short Story Award at the Festival of RomanceI just adore festive books and especially novella s as they are not only uick to read but are very often fast paced and filled to the brim witheartwarming moments and this one is no exception I just couldn t put it down and read it in one sittingThe book is the perfect pick me up read as it is so uplifting and Transnational France The Modern History Of A Universal Nation has a wonderful message running through it This is one Christmas book you don t want to miss. Ng winter backdrop of London landmarksA New Year’s Eve revelation is on its way but will it leave Evie with aappy July And The Single Heart heart or will she allow the pre Christmas past to dictateer future. ,