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Ancient Devotions to the Sacred Heart

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Forms the key stone of an arch at the Grande Chartreuse in that part of the old cloister which was built after the ire of 1473 A cross is seen rising out that part of the old cloister which was built after the ire of 1473 A cross is seen rising out a tomb with the three nails the rod and the sponge on a reed on the right and on the left three dice pincers and hammer and a scourge Above are the
Thirty Pieces Of Silver 
pieces of silver the crown of thorns is hanging on the right arm of the cross These arms of the Passion are common enough what is exceptional in the shield of the Grande Chartreuse is the heart in the centre of the cross with a large wound entirely penetrated by a lance This has been reckoned as the oldest known carving of the Sacred Heart of Jesus This work consists of thirty elevations to the Sacred Heart ollowed by a week devoted to the Sacred Heart A section is devoted to prayers Sharing Heritage In Kulin Country for all occasions including preparationor dea. ,

H century in his Life of Christ words which have been chosen or the opening pages of our present anthology; and rom that on the tradition remained unbroken Nor was it confined to one Charterhouse or to one Province of the Order It is not surprising that many of the writers whose works are uoted belonged to the Rhineland Province or the Charterhouse of Cologne Which Had The Reputation which had the reputation displaying the greatest love or learning of all the Houses of the Order had a marked influence on the Province But the pen was not the only instrument used or spreading the Devotion Not content with writing about the Devotion to the Heart Jesus these apostles of love contrived to engrave Its image on very walls of stone with which their Monasteries were built The escutcheon reproduced as a rontispiece is worthy of partic'llar notice It. When we think of devotion to the Sacred Heart We Think Of Saint Margaret Heart we think of Saint Margaret However this devotion goes back urther in history to Saint John Eudes who wrote on the subject And now we see that the Carthusians also were ollowing this devotion before Saint Margaret Mary A glance at these pages will show how justified was Dom Le Masson in claiming that the devotion revealed to St Margaret Mary and made popular by her effotts was already an old one in The Carthusian Order Dom Carthusian Order Dom before re editing Dom Le Masson's work had already written on Lansperge the Carthusian and Devotion to the Sacred Heatt Lansperge had in Lemon Law 2 fact a special part in the propagation of the Devotion in the sixteenth century but he only developed what was a tradition of long standing in his Order Ludolph the Carthusian had already written before the middle of theourteent.

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