[Up to No Good Dream Girls No 6] E–book ¼ Rosemary Joyce

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This time Arlene is really playing with fireShock waves HIT LAUREL HEIGHTS MICHAEL JAMES ARLENE'S MYSTERIOUS BOYFRIEND Laurel Heights when Michael James Arlene's boyfriend home with another irl on his arm Even worse she has an engagement ring on. Up to No Good Dream Girls No 6

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S way before Then she seems to snap out of and throws herself into planning the party But CERTAIN PEOPLE ARE SURE THAT ARLENE IS UP TO people are sure that Arlene is up to ood Could this be one party that Michael James will never forg. Her finger And just before the most spectacular party of the season when Arlene Expects To Create expects to create sensation by introducing her one *And Only To Laurel *only to Laurel is crushed No one's ever seen her thi. by introducing her one and only to Laurel HeightsArlene is crushed No one's ever seen her thi.