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To save her life Scarface I cant wait to see what happened to him in part 3 he ust had too much bad luck in one day for any person Definitely a page turner cant wait to dig in Part 3 WowThis book read like an action packed movie From the first page to the last non stop drama The Teflon ueen is back with a vengeance but unfortunately the hunter turns into the hunted Will she be *Able To Survive Having The Number 1 *to survive having the number 1 in the world holding a contract on her life What about love will she be able to continue to experience it while warring with her biggest competition I definitely recommend this series it s a page turne. Igh profile assassin who will do anything to stay alive Igh profile assassin who will do anything to stay alive protect her lover With two well trained assassins on a collision course the outcome is sure to be deadly This heart pounding saga is sure to leave readers breathless Silk White delivers the stunning seuel to the Teflon ueen A story readers won't be able to forget.


Awesomeness Cant wait to read the next One This Series Is Great Silk White This series is great Silk White an awesome ob and honestly speaking this would be a GREAT movie My head is spinningSo disappointed in what happened to Vicky and James I m glad Angela was able to get her revenge but what s next for her Loved itThis book "WAS OFF THE CHAIN IT HAD JUST RIGHT AMT " off the chain it had ust right amt action and it wasn t unbelievable I mean was off the chain it had ust right amt of action and it wasn t unbelievable I mean cld literally picture a movie as u r readingthis was great Too hot Oooh My Goodnessdon t want this to endThought I would get pts 1 because it was freebut now I m hooked About to order part 3 now Silk This book was FIREI hope there will. The Teflon ueen is back and better than ever All Angela wants to do is disappear but there's only one problem; every cop in the world is looking for her along with the white shadow one of the best most brutal vicious and dangerous assassins in the world and he won't stop until the Teflon ueen is no Angela uickly turns fro. Be a part 3 This Series By Far One By far one my favorite series *I ve ever read This should be turned into a movie Can t wait to *ve ever read This should be turned into a movie Can t wait to part 3I ended up getting the others so I will not have to wait to read This second part was fire I was shocked about what happened to a couple of the characters but that s what made the book even dramatic I m hoping part 3 is as good as the first two omg I am sooooo sad that James Carter got killed eventhough i knew he would of only kept slowing my girl down but in the end she got her target white shadow I knew she was going to kill him with a vengeance Poor Shekia ust cant get a break. M the hunter to the hunted in a matter of seconds Not only does Angela have to keep herself alive but she's also responsible for the life of Agent James Carter; her once upon a time lover who trusts her about as far as he can throw her Join the Teflon ueen as she takes you deep into the underworld and into the life of a The Teflon Queen PT 2