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Romantic adventureThis author consistently writes a story that is a good read Characters are relatable and what transpired was imaginative yet plausible for me the only exception was the brother but maybe in future books his character will make sense I recommend this book put your feet up and go on an adventure Title Dangerous Pursuit The Protectors Author Margaret Daley Publisher Aspendawn Books Published 7 13 2013 ISBN 9781301248940 E Book B00E7HNG6M Pages 184 Genre Romance Tags Mystery Suspense Overall Rating Great Reviewed For NetGalley Reviewer DelAnneSamantha Prince the owner of The Purple Ink a successful bookstore in New Orleans has never considered Purple Ink a successful bookstore in New Orleans has never considered adventurous She has never been any where That all changes when she receives a frantic call from her brother Mark asking her to send him money in Brazil When the money is returned unclaimed she drops everything and heads off to find him She meets a man who envisions her every In The Name Of Love Romantic Ideology And Its Victims literary fantasy man Brock Slader after failing to convince Samantha to go home agrees to aid her in her search for Mark Samantha encounters adventure than she ever imagined when she and Brock are chased through the unmerciful jungle by headhuntersooking to take their heads and gunmen wanting to take their Vuje Grlo lives and the treasure they seek Samantha grows into her own self through this adventure and it is a delight to watch her morph from a cocoon of a shy reticent book shop homebody to a confident independent woman ready to take on the world and win Brockearns that depending on no one can Tiine Se Odrei Ne Mogu leave youonely in a

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of people Romance Cream For My Dad S Best Friend First Time Older Men Younger Women Billionaires Women S Fiction Single Authors Collections love depends on Brock s skill and Samantha s trust Only time will tell they or theirove can survive their adventure If they make it out alive what will be the costOnce you open the story you will be pulled in unable to put it down The courage shown by the main characters will gain your admiration as well as will the talent of Margaret Daley With over 80 novels behind her Ms Daley is a prolific author who has brought many hours of reading pleasure to those who have enjoyed her talent If you have not read any of Ms Daley s work before then you are in for a treat Dangerous Pursuit is only the first in her The Protectors series After devouring book 1 you will be able to download books 2 and 3 Dangerous Interlude and Dangerous Paradise immediately to continue your reading pleasure Sneak hint each story is a wonderful adventure that tugs at your heart even as it makes it pound at the danger faced in the stories Pick up your copy today and Uta Ptica let the adventure begin Another great story by Margaret Daley Samantha Sam Prince is happy and content as the owner of a bookstore in New Orleans She is not the adventurous typeike her brother Mark That is until she gets a call from Mark in Brazil He s in big trouble and needs some money right away but tells. Reading about danger never prepared Samantha Prince for the desperate phone call from her brother in Brazil that sent her from the safety of her New Orleans bookstore into the rugged inhospitable in search of him and a hidd. ,

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Dangerous Pursuit

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And explicit A nice read Samantha Prince is just your average red headed 30 year old book store owner Yes You Can Change The World Too living in New Orleans She s perfectly content to stay in the comfortable sphere of her safeittle world and experience adventure solely by reading about it in novels She Oklahoma Travel Guide loves her perfectly organized well plannedife just the way it is and wouldn t change a thing thank you very much But when she receives a cryptic and worrying phone call from her brother who is off on an adventure in the asking her help things begin to change for Samantha She uickly heads to Brazil in search of her brother whom she fears may be in serious danger Almost immediately upon arriving in Brazil Samantha meets hunky Brock Slader who just so happens to repeatedly come To Her Rescue Which Leads These Two her rescue which The Vorrh leads these two a wild adventure searching for her brother hidden treasure and possiblyove along the way I really enjoyed this book for several reasons First of all Samantha was a character that I could definitely relate to She was just an average woman with a normal everyday Villa Mendl Leben Und Schicksal Der Ankerbrot Erbin Bettina Mendl life However even though many times it was uncomfortable for Samantha to expe This book is full of danger suspense action romance exoticocations and of course some sexiness especially in the form of Brock Slader I oved every minute of this read and couldn t wait to flip to the next pageSamantha is very comfortable in her ife as a book store to flip to the next pageSamantha is very comfortable in her Romance Cream For My Billionaire Boss life as a book store in New Orleans but when her brother who is in desperate need of help calls her Samantha must step outside of her comfort zone and trek to Brazil and to the mysterious Brock Slader Brock has been hired by Sam to find her way to her brother and the mystery that awaits her Soon Sam finds herself in all types of danger and action but the greatest danger could beosing her heart to Brock who believes in the no strings attached type of ifestyleThe characters were engaging and the sexual no strings attached type of ifestyleThe characters were engaging and the sexual between Sam and Brock was electrifying Their dialogue and interactions Knowledge Without Expertise On The Status Of Scientists leant so much to the story and kept the plot moving at a steady pace As I was reading Dangerous Pursuit I kept thinking of movies such as Romancing the Stone I absolutely adored Sam and Brock Sam who was uite content with herife was such a different person by the end of the book She really found her true self during her adventure Brock had me biting my Sinbad And The Argonauts lip several times He was definitely book boyfriend material Rugged heroic alpha and strongThe author s descriptions of theocales made me feel as if I were right in the story and Undead And Unwed left me with a yearning to travel This book was breathtaking intriguing and fast paced I would highly recommend this read to everyone who enjoys aittle action and danger with their romanceThis was my first time reading a book by this author and it s now safe to say that I will be reading everything that she writes 45 out of 5 stars. Adhunters and very up to date gunmen she struggles to keep their relationship strictly business Will Samantha survive the dangers in the jungle only to have her heart broken by a man who ives on the edge no strings attache. Her that if anything happens he hid something valuable at the Para Mission When he doesn t pick up the money Samantha sends she s on a plane within 48 It s pretty well known that I m not exactly the most observant a plane within 48 It s pretty well known that I m not exactly the most observant so it really isn t surprising that the romance aspect threw me for a The Flower Fairies Colouring Book loop when I was expecting all adventure and suspense I enjoyed that the romance wasn tove at first sight nor overdone and the characters were mostly ikable The mystery was pretty well crafted even if the ess than captivating Sounds ike some of the Characters Will Be Returning will be returning book 2 so I think I l jump into that next Very Indiana Jones ish Clean but Daley pushes the edge of what some Christian readers may deem proper regarding romance This book was uite the adventure story I have to say that it was so refreshing to not have to read about a couple in the corporate world Here were two ordinary OK Brock wasn t that ordinary people who were placed in extraordinary circumstances and yet they were such Against The State An Introduction To Anarchist Political Theory likable characters I think that one thing that made this book really stand out for me was the setting More than anything else the idea of the jungle as the setting for both a romance and mystery book was real Enjoyed the adventure and suspense of this storyine even thought the main female character was pretty much an idiot in the beginning but she improved There was actually a romantic thing going on here as well Not the jump into bed and have sex then miraculously be in Fireworks Frappe love thing This was extremely refreshing This book would have been rated 5 stars by me if not for the first part of chapter 2 whicheft a Albert Racinet Illustrated History Of European Costume lot of unanswered uestionsPortions of chapter 2 He had dreaded this meetingBrock concluded that the Latin meant every word of his threat Okay he replied Il do it It seems I don t have any other choice No my friend you don t The Latin stood shook his hand and Princess Of Fire leftDisgusted Brock tossed a few bills onto the table and started for theobby of the hotel where he had to wait He found a Needle Freak lumpy chair that had a clear view of the front door and sat down Why did Brock dread this meetingWhat was the threatWhy did Brock have no choiceWho was the Latin Who was Brock waiting for Samantha WhyIf he was supposed to protect Samantha why How did they know she would need protection Why would Brock be reluctant to do soThese are just a few of the unanswered uestions this small section of the bookeft me with If I could erase this portion of the book from my memory I would have oved oved oved this book As it is I hate it when books eave me with uestions I ike books with definite conclusions and answers otherwise why bother reading them NiceThe plot is fun if not too twisty The characters aren t too complex but they re interesting And the hot romance without actual sex is a nice compromise between sweet and clean and steamy. En treasure And reading about romance never prepared Samantha to resist the mysterious appeal of Brock Slader a guide she hired to help her in her uestAlone with Brock in an alien world of orchids and anacondas primitive he. .