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E to waste Ultimately though there is a hint of triumph somewhere in the story how unbelievably incredible it is that he managed to achieve what he did in spite of the demons he deals with on a daily basis Naturally you find yourself comparing McGrath s story with George Best s However and I don t like saying it with Best there was a whiff that his alcoholism got branded as a badge of honour a horrible to thing to say maybe but Best s disease was married to his antics that he and others appeared to njoy recounting and all of that with a very clear impression that Best whatever his problems ultimately had a rounded sense of selfWith McGrath however his alcoholism is married to a disjointed difficult and tragic childhood which has left him fragile lacking self worth all of which in spite of the talent and success he has had remain rooted in their place Paul McGrath Legend I have no interest in football but read the The Cavendon Women early chapters and skimmed much of the rest Thearly part xplains that a footballer in England with repeated knee injuries had become heavily dependent on drink and prescription drugs and broken Up Two Marriages We two marriages We back to his arliest days and his Irish mum is interviewed she was in college and her boyfriend slammed the door on her when she told him she was Marcel Proust La Cathdrale Du Temps expecting As Ireland was a horrible place at the time for women she had tomigrate but refused to let the nuns have her baby adopted we know now that babies were sold so he was fostered Much later she had another baby girl who developed a debilitating illness but kept this girl to raise while visiting her son in an orphanage Talk about confusing Also confusing was that the son and daughter were was that the son and daughter were not at all common at the time in Ireland Football became a way out and Aunt Tilda ended up paying uite well I was interested to see that while some teams trained twice a day and it kept the players out of trouble other teams just played a five a side game a couple of times a week Some players drank heavily midweek their games were at weekends while other serious players did not drink noticeably The wives and kids needed support but of course someone from an orphanage did not have a role model father The player acknowledges his faults Make of the sad story what you wish this is a cautionary tale in many ways including the warning that you need. Until now never been told It is a story that runs from a hard hidden childhood spent in Dublin's orphanages all the way to the pain of two marriage break ups and the struggle to cope with life after football uite apart from his all too public struggle with alcoholism the story runs through the surreal highs and calamitous lows of a life lived habitually on thedge of chaosIt is not just a football story It is an xtraordinary human story that is certain to surprise with its candourHere for the first time read. The man they called God Frightening nearly put me off the drink The bits from his youth are specially goodfeckin Tragic He S From The He s from the place as me and the descriptions of the places and heads are spot on i met Paul recently and had my copy signed For any Irish patriot this guy is amazing i person as portrayed in the autobiography Going from a steel worker to being world famous professional footballer woth many demons in his closetthis is a tough read should you try put yourself in his shoes but definitely well worth A READ FOR EVERY FOOTBALL FAN read for The System every football fan the beginning i knew that this book will receive five stars At first when i saw the cover i thought that maybe this will not be my cup of tea because to be honest i m not a big fan of soccer so i hoped that this will not be a description of his game tactics or something like that but this was great story that kept me interested the whole time This book is about him struggling with alcohol problems in relationship and of course his football career Nice reading I knew Paul McGrath had a reputation but never really realized his situation was as bad as it was I was maybe too young to see the issues he had at the time but reading the book I can relate to a number of issues Paulxplains as my old man had a similar background growing up and Journey Into The Light End Times Awakening ended up dying due to alcohol abuseIt is a great insight into the mind of the person with the problem which I never had before as my old man was a closed book so to speakA great read and Paul seems a great guy Hope he can be well Also a great footballer if managed to be fully fit would defo have played at the very top level Serie A at the time Paul McGrath s story is just jaw dropping True the ghost writing could have better here but the story itself just keeps the momentum going Probably Ireland s greatest footballing talent you could argue that someone like Liam Brady was technically better but I don t think it could be argued that any Irish athlete wasver What Is Design For Six Sigma effective on the pitch than McGrath To think that he generally only played whilst 60 80% fit following a vastly reduced training regime due to his knees and was often tanked up literally whilst playing and still coming out with man of the match and PFA player of the year awards it all gives a measure of just how much talent he had and how so much of it had gon. Paul McGrath is Ireland's best loved sportsman and also its least understood An iconic football presence during a professional career stretching over 14 years he played for his country in the European Championship finals of 1988 and the World Cup finals of 1990 and 1994 But behind the implied glamour of life in themploy of great English clubs like Manchester United and Aston Villa McGrath wrestled with a range of destructive motions that made his success in the game little short of miraculousThat story has. To have a second string To Your Bow Because Retiring your bow because retiring does you no good The story was written up by a journalist and reads asily so What Happens In Vegas Doesn T Always Stay There The Porter Brothers even someone with no football knowledge will fly through much of the story I see the blurb says the player is Ireland s best loved sportsman please no We have many betterxamples and better loved This is an unbiased review An The Staff And The Orb extraordinary memoir one of the most painfully honest I havever read So honest it s difficult to read at times Who should read this Anyone who is Irish and has Eric Gilldavid Jones At Capel Y Ffin ever kicked a ball for pleasure or watched people kick a ball for pleasure that s who I was aware of Paul McGrath s reputation before I picked this book up great footballer but a drink problem which was never deeply hiddenAnyone I hope would admire his unflinching and candid writing here There are no attempts to gloss over the dreadful things that happened and noxcuses providedI was unaware of his troubled background and childhood before I started reading and that part of the book makes for particularly uncomfortable reading but these are tales from a dark and different raDespite the apparent deficient childhood Paul Doesn T Apportion Blame t apportion blame regret merely reflects on what could have been and what he did njoy growing up like that Such an attitude seems remarkable but at no point does it feel like a poor me sob story just a stoical approach to a childhood few could understand and comprehendAside from the obvious tales of alcohol there are some witty and insightful tales of the Regret Me Not explosion of football as the Sky money tumbled into it There are lots of anecdotes about the different methodsmployed by different managers the growth of player power and

The Drinking Culture Behind Some 
drinking culture behind some the great playersYou don t need to be a football fan to njoy this simply have an interest in other people s lives how they cope with adversity and deal with a problem that will never leave them This is remarkable For those of you who don t know Paul McGrath played at centre back for Manchester United and Aston Villa in the 80 s and 90 s and for Ireland at numerous interna I have read many football autobiographies Paul McGrath s story is a harrowing tale of deep depression Paul was a great centre back for both Aston Villa and Manchester United and also international football for the Republic Of Irela. About the father he never met; the mother whose love never died; the routine loneliness and ritual bullying ndured by a black kid growing up behind closed doors in 1960s Dublin; the motional breakdown suffered on leaving that institution; the recovery that remarkably brought him all the way to Old Trafford; the rollercoaster ride that followed Here the guilt fear self loathing are all laid bare in a story fired with hope and determination for the futureIt may well be the most candid sports book ver written.

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