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Want to help make your Community Your Town Your World your town #your world better place but don’t know where begin How To # world better place but don’t know where to begin How To An Everyday Philanthropist shows you the way A handbook a resource guide a call to action and an inspiration it offers 330 concrete direct ideas for making a difference all of which have nothing to do with the size of your checkbook and everything to do with using the hidden assets that are already a part of your life Whether you’re shopping working exercising or surfing the Web there are hundreds of ways to slip smal.

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How to Be an Everyday PhilanthropistPetition sign a petition send out an awareness e mail and network with like minded givers mail and network with like minded givers doers at Care2com There are ideas for giving things might never have thought of your hair old Prom Dress Breast Milk For dress breast for AIDS orphans Ideas for using your hobbies talents time trash technology and Each suggestion can be accomplished in the course of a day most within an hour In tough times it’s important than ever that people and communities pull together How To Be An Everyday Philanthropist makes it easier than ever befo. .

L but deeply meaningful acts of philanthropy into your life using 330 of the most innovative and effective charitable organizations around Have an old pair of sneakers lying around the house Nike's Reuse a Shoe program will recycle them into safe playground surfaces getting rid of that old cell phone Call to Protect will refurbish it as an emergency lifeline for abused women Racking up freuent flier Miles Donate Them To An Ill Child Donate them to an ILL CHILD THEY CAN TRAVEL AND child they can travel and the care they need Like to knit Knit hats for cancer patients Start ,
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