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Urch as well as many other eminent theologians among them Greek philosophers This

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consists of tracts In the irst we have a general discussion of the gifts; in the second we have the gifts of wisdom and understanding; in the third we have counsel knowledge ortitude piety and La Regina Della Casa fear of the Lord Theourth tract Denis himself tells us was added after a period knowledge ortitude piety and ear of the Lord The Kingdom S Swords fourth tract Denis himself tells us was added after a period sixteen years in which he read and garnered considerably material thisinal tract is intriguing or the reader and is subject to much debate and disagreement among theologians who are not in total agreement about its meanin.

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Gifts of the Holy SpiritDenis the Carthusian was born Denis van Leeuven c 1402 at Rycel in Belgian Limburg He studied irst at the school of St Troud and at thirteen moved on to a higher school at Zwolle At eighteen he offered himself to the Carthusian monastery of Roermond near Liege Being under the statutory age he was advised by the Prior to study or his masterate and return when ualified Denis then proceeded to The University Of Cologne University of Cologne Gained His Degree At The Age Of Twenty One Almost his degree at the age of twenty one Almost this devout and gifted young man
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himself into Carthusian routine of prayer and study 

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As his mission to ound and rule a new Carthusian oundation at Bois Le Duc After le duc After very ew years Denis who had once been able to boast of 'a body of iron and stomach of steel' returned home a very sick man to Roermond Here he died in 1471 leaving a legacy of one hundred and seven volumes Immensely popular for long after his death his books were published at Cologne after long after death his books were published at Cologne after and Talk Back To Your Doctor How To Demand And Recognize High Quality Health Care formed a kind of encyclopediaor the pioneers of the Counter Reformation 

Gifts of the Holy Spirit is a compilation of what had already been said on the subject by the Fathers and Doctors of the Ch.
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