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Ptures the nature of Loki as an ultimately tragic character pretty well Esad Ribic s artwork is usually hit or miss for me and I didn t like it all that much in this book it looks drab and monotone and I don t like the way he draws Loki as this ugly goblin like creature Overall though it s a solid comic and a fine deeper look at the character FYI This book contains the same material as the graphic novel Loki However this edition contains material on the same subject such as Loki s first appearance and issues containing his backstory so if you want to read the Loki miniseries I would go with Thor and Loki because you get bang for your buck Just to be clear Loki contains only Loki 1 4 some concept art and the story proposal This edition has all that plus Loki s first appearance and backstoryJourney into Mystery 85 and 112 and Thor 12 where Loki goes back in timeLoki miniseriesThis book does exactly what the description says although I had to read it twice before fully appreciating it but I think you always have to read comics twice before you can It s truly a character study and the writer Robert Rodi does it with an interesting scenario It starts off with Loki already having beaten Thor and become ruler of Asga I m usually one to side with the heroes clearly I m cheering for Batman over the Joker no matter how great his one liners are if I were a mutant I would choose Charles over Erik and if the right path is harder than what s easy that s the road I go on down but when it comes to villainous Loki he has my voteHaving lived my life never being the best or the favorite but minded the shadows while others were in the spotlight relating to Loki comes easily Sure I have never gone to extreme measures for attention but maybe if I had sorcery skills I might have engaged in a few tricks of my own especially involving clones So when I found out Robert Rodi gave a voice to Loki s side of the story I was all for it and I am very impressed with the results It begins with Loki gloating over the fact he has defeated the All Father and has imprisonedpublically humiliated Thor The God of Mischief has finally taken over the throne of Asgard but then realizes there is to ruling then having everyone bow to you Loki has to do some serious thinking as to what everyone expects him to do now that he is ruler and Hela thinks his first order of business should be to execute Thor He seems appalled at the idea that Hela instills in him and after visits to Balder Odin Sif and even his mother shunning him his resolve is strengthened He will execute ThorOr will heAn excellent portrayal of Loki and the demons that haunt him And in the end we learn what really matters to the God of LiesAlso included in Blood Brothers the original Loki proposal character sketches three parts of Stan Lee Jack Kirby s The Mighty Thor and J Micahel Straczynski Olivier Coipel s Thor 12 Loki is my favorite Marvel character followed by Thor Indeed he is my favorite villain in literature or film He s a complex character who goes beyond simple bad guy He needs to cause chaos but has also switched sides Moreover his backstory is tragic allowing readers to sympathize with him even as they root for Thor So I was eager to read Blood Brothers in which Loki from his own POV succeeds in taking AsgardThe book opens with Thor in chains before Loki now king of Asgard He loves seeing Thor brought so low but finds himself burdened with the actual work of ruling When Loki is alone Hela appears to convince him to execute Thor What commences is Loki s struggle with the decision AS HIS HISTORY UNFOLDS AT ONE his history unfolds At one Balder reveals to Loki that there are many universes many Lokis many Thors all locked in the same cycle And in all of them Loki is defeated What is disturbing is that the Asgardians excuse their cruelty toward Loki as part Of A This Cycle Yet They Do Not Excuse Loki a this cycle Yet they do not excuse Loki action on the same principle He is held accountable which further reinforces his tragic nature Loki has no choice in his destiny but is condemned for it none the lessLoki slowly comes to the realization that as light needs darkness Loki needs Thor But like all other Lokis he will not be allowed to escape his destiny Only this time the taste of Thor s victory is bitter for Loki and for allowed to escape his destiny Only this time the taste of Thor s victory is bitter for Loki and for I am not certain if the authors intended it to be so but this story not only makes Loki especially sympathetic it portrays our usual heroes Sif Balder Thor as cruel bullies who tormented and ridiculed Loki all his life dividing brother from brother When Loki reveals why he will kill Thor and not the others it is heartbreaking For the first time I did not like Thor and I did not want him to triumphUsually I do not comment on art since it is so subjective However in this instance I must because it seriously impacted my enjoyment of the story I HATED it Primarily I did not like how the artist drew Loki as a shriveled ugly old man with missing teeth It s so clich for a villain to be ugly in any case but here it was olting because Loki is not the typical villain Plus he s a shapeshifter Why would he choose to look that way It ust didn t workThe book is filled out with two of Loki and Thor s original encounters by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and an excerpt of Loki from the Siege saga The LeeKirby stories were a nice addition though the Siege bit is an odd choice since it doesn t stand alone There is also unused art from the main story and the creators pitch for the storylineOverall though I hated the art work the story was so compelling and emotional I will still give it 4 stars Highly recommended One thing readers should note is that though this book includes Loki 1 4 it should not be confused with Thor The Trials of Loki which also includes a completely different Loki 1 4 I almost didn t buy this because I thought it was the same material. 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Thor LokiWhat if Loki finally got everything he ever wanted Defeated Asgard had Odin Thor and others imprisoned and sat on the throne This is what would happen It was interesting to read a Marvel tale from the villain s point of view We learn his motivations first hand and we discover that we can actually sympathize with the God of Mischief and Father of Lies The artwork was a bit strange I couldn t get past how Loki was portrayed as an ugly shriveled up old man when he is always described in the original myths other comics and even in the films as extraordinarily beautiful He looked gross in this book even with missing teeth It s not very difficult to look past that and enjoy the story though Also included in this volume are some Journey Into Mystery comics from the 50 s written by Stan Lee which were hilarious and the final one was from the Siege series and although it did not fit in that well it might have been my favorite Hela is growing on me I will also do a video review here at my channel Thor Loki Blood Brothers by Robert Rodi is a graphic novel that tells the story of Loki God of Mischief who has conuered the throne of Asgard Everyone who has ever humiliated him is imprisoned including his stepbrother Thor This four part series shows Thor s infamous foe in a new way and the throne of Asgard isn t everything Loki thought it would be Blood Brothers is a story about self discovery and the meaning of destinyI had some mixed feelings with this graphic novel Part of me liked it part of me was kind of bored with it Not much actually happened Considering that this is about Loki Thor s archnemesis Loki himself ust wallowed in self pity the whole time and couldn t seem to make a decision about anything Loki has gained the throne of Asgard he s imprisoned everyone that he hates including Thor Odin and Sif This whole story is basically a dialogue Loki is constantly having with himself as he debates about executing Thor uestions his destiny and realizes the throne isn t what he wanted All he s wanted is Thor to feel the same humiliation he has felt for many years If you are looking for a book with tons of action you aren t going to get it here This series is one big character study on Lokinothing elseAnother thing that annoyed me on occasion was the fact that random characters would be introduced and ultimately go nowhere For instance early on there s an appearance by Lorelei What was her point exactly It seemed like she was Perfect Remains just included for one pageust for male readers to drool over her Loki s stepmother Frigga pops up for a pageokaythat went nowhere She was Dreams Underfoot The Newford Collection just there to verbally abuse him for a few lines Even Loki s biological mother makes an appearanceand again went nowhere Early in the book a cloaked figure enters Asgard and is calling for Loki and villagers keep pointing the direction for the figure to head So when the figure arrives where Loki is located reveals itself to me Loki s mother you think something epic is about to occur No Not at all Lokiust houses her somewhere At least the scenes with Thor Sif and Odin were a bit longer and had something to do with characterizing Loki and influencing his thought process over the course of the storySo let s talk about the art since this is after all over the course of the storySo let s talk about the art since this is after all graphic novel Overall I liked the style and artwork It had a very gritty nature to it It was in color but the colors were muted and dark The panels almost had a sepia like tone to them The story would flashback and forth between the present and to the past where Loki would be thinking about his childhood or some particularly moment where he had felt humiliated The back and forth was a bit Inspiration Now For Financial Advisors jarring at first There s no warning that you are heading into a flashback But for some reason you know you veust entered one There s not an abundance of details but there s enough to set the scene A lot of the panels are heavy in shadows and shading My one complaint about the artwork and this goes for most male artists was the depiction of women Jeez so many partially exposed female chests Seriously the women are barely covered in anything They try to make up for that by having a half naked Loki later on but ladies you don t want to see this Loki naked Tom Hiddleston he is not As for the writing overall pretty descent A bit too flowery on occasion and exaggerated and over dramatic Like I said Loki is so full of self pity it s not funny I kept thinking to myself shut up Loki eez The people of Asgard have a very Shakespearean type of language but the style felt too much on occasionThe nice thing about this book since the story itself is only about 100 pages is that it includes some character designs along with three additionally comic stories There is Journey Into Mystery 85 which is Loki S FIRST APPEARANCE IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE IF I first appearance in the Marvel universe if I not mistaken Journey Into Mystery 112 about how Odin claimed baby Loki and defeated the Frost Giant Laufey and Thor 12 Diversions and Misdirections where Loki is gender bending and rewriting history This is horrible but I had a lot fun with This is horrible but I had a lot fun with three additional stories than I did with the actual main story These at least had plot and actionOverall I think I ended up being disappointed with Blood Brothers I think it had a few good moments but I was ultimately a bit bored with it for the most part I think I would have given this two stars had it not been for the bonus material This is one of my top three favorite graphic novels The others are The Trials of Loki and Thor Ages of Thunder The artwork and writing in all three books is excellent though very different I loved this story so much I bought the hard cover version The story delves into Loki s past and helps the viewer understand some of the taunting and teasing he had to endure growing up which led him to a path of poor choices based on anger and hate Its ba. Amazing ePub, Thor Loki by Robert.

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Sically a what if story What if Loki finally beat Thor and did get the throne What would happen This story attempts to answer that This is a great book for Loki lovers and those interested in a psychological story about relationships Its not about action or typical comic book superhero vs supervillain fighting Oldman Loki is bitter and physically shows the toll of years of hate yet he is not past being redeemed and some part of him really could find it in his heart to love I found this story very interesting and worth reading over again many times I have a feeling Tom read this before or during the filming of Thor because there s definitely a feel to his portrayal of Loki that is reflected in this book I liked it I liked the idea of the several different Lokis throughout different worlds and times and that they were always tied to their version of Thor I didn t uote like the ending however I feel it could have been different been better but that s probably ust the large HEA lover in me speakingIf you like the mythology and have a soft spot for Loki you may like this four issue series There are two parts to this graphic novel the main story of the book is collected from the mini series Loki 1 4 by Robert Rodi art by Esad Ribic This story takes a tack not unlike John Gardner s Grendel In Gardener s novel Beowulf s saga is told from the monster s point of view In Robert Rodi s Thor Loki Blood Brothers the story begins with Loki having deposed his step father Odin and defeated his half brother Thor to rule Asgard The central conflict of the story is whether Loki should have his brother executed or simply let him wallow in humiliation for the remainder of his days This allows Rodi to explore what turned Loki into the trickster God how his psychology was formed and affected by his environment and those around him and his fitness to ruleThis is a very psychological graphic novel with the tension coming from Loki s flashbacks of pain and his decrees as ruler there is hardly any action While this meant that Thor Loki Blood Brothers will never appeal to the segment of comic fandom that reuires widescreen action panels I very much enjoyed the story I like the fact that while Thor Loki have been used for decades as traditional comic action fodder Rodi takes the time to mine the mythological depths to tell a taught character tale in which dysfunction in family relations and moral repercussions of one s actions can be dealt with And speaking of the art Esad Ribic paints rather than draws beautiful and expressive panels which serve to lend a classic and deep aspect to this graphic novel The art definitely enhances the story and makes the whole thing seem both realistic and mythological appearanceThe graphic novel comes with some nice extras from the Loki series the original pitchtreatment from the author and a bunch of character sketches However there is a fair amount of filler There are two issues from the 60s of Journey Into Mystery 85 and 112 showing the first appearance of Loki in the Thor comic and giving his comic origin story There is also an issue from J Michael Stracynski s run on Thor in 2007 12 which out of context doesn t do very much other than you that other writers also dealt with Loki complex psychology in JMS s run Loki appears as a woman which if you re not familiar with the JMS run can be uite confusing While these three issues are fun they are so off topic from the main story they serve to bring the whole package down a notch in my opinion I d have rathered the book be shorter but only deal with Rodi Ribic s mini series Well I had always been a HUGE fan of Loki having watched every single movie he was featured in 3 Of course Tom Hiddleston 3 played a major role in helping me fall in love with this mischievous trickster But to be honest apart from his OVERLY good looks and hilarious sarcastic lines there s something that makes him eventually grow on you The key word here is COMPASSION Loki undoubtedly has a really interesting yet tragic and a bit buffling past and childhood in general Once you understand this you are able to come to the conclusion that the notorious Prince of Lies isn t some evil twisted psychopath but a torn misunderstood grown up with some family issues Anyway Thor Loki Blood Brothers was the very first Marvel comic book I ever read and the only thing I can say is that it was DEFINITELY an excellent first choice for me Although it is actually a comic collectionalbum I would like to draw my attention to the First Part Featuring The 4 part featuring the 4 of the comic series Loki To begin with Ribic s illustrations were simply BREATHTAKING and their dramatic like style matched perfectly with the plot Now speaking of the plot it really succeeds in revealing efficiently Loki s sorrow frustration and bitter anger as well as a soft somewhat caring side of his As for the tragic ending it is sure to bring tears to your eyes and leave you with a feeling of injustice and abhorrence towards Thor I have no intension of spoiling Soul Watch just It is also important to mention that the plot gets a bit buffling at a point as it should following the traits of Loki s extraordinary personality but it is certainly something not to worry about All in all this MASTERPIECE should doubtlessly have a place on your bookshelf for it is sure to leave you with a variety of mixed feelings and of course broaden your knowledge on Loki s childhood matter The only actual reason I rated this comic book with only three stars is that I would really like Rodi to concentrate on Loki s childhood flashbacks apart from emotions That s however not a good reason to avoid reading this AMAZING book A perfectly fine Loki story that feels like a retelling of the actual Norse mythology rather than something set in the Marvel universe Nothing too exciting but it ca. Rodi This is the best favorite boo.